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I started my periods at age 10 very heavy lasting 5-7 days at a time very painful many days off school, for the last two years (now 34) they have became more and more painful. On 6-9-15 I got out of bed with the most horrendous pain in right side of back, it traveled to stomach and shouted down to my groin making my groin and upper thigh feel numb, called gdoc's as pain was so serve given co-codomal, diclofenic and paracetomal, lots of blood in urine though I had kidney stones, on the Monday I was prescribed tramadol as was getting no releaf, had 3 day bleed on 9-9-15 which was full of clots and a lot different from Usual period, emergency scan was arrange for

15-9-15 several trips back and for to doc before being admitted to hospital 14-9-15 where unfortunately the could not carry out scan so had to wait for scan next day ultra sound scan showed 4.5cm by 2.8 cm cyst on right ovary though thought it was normal as was admitted to urology so gyne would call following day. Had internal and swaps 17-9-15 gyne said cyst was part of normal cycle so rescan 6 weeks, admitted again to hospital 22-9-15 for another scan as pain and blood level in urine so high high temp raising pulse and sever pain had ct scan 23-9-15 was in urology again as gp thought stone had been missed no scan showed cyst and surgeon said referal done to gyne as they think I have endo please help with some advice I'm in agony again taking paracetomal, dyhracodenie and diclofenic every four hours movical for constipation and omperazole for gastro reflux all brought on by painkillers. I have hot water bottle and pain I stomach beside hip diagonally from hip bones is horrendous and I'm so sore very tired and upset as pain has lasted three weeks tomorrow bar one day please help stomach blotted boobs sore and feel like I'm away to get another period 2 1/2 weeks after short three day bleed full of blood clots . Sorry for rant just need help and advice thanks girls

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  • Sounds exactly like what has happened to me minus the blood in the urine.

    Be strong and firm. Try have someone with you at appointments. You need a lap as this is the only way to find out what's going on. Try to persuade your Dr to refer you to a specialist.

    I have been like this since the start of the year and still no further farward. Panning you off with pain killers is the easy option for them. Look for lindel on here, she has some great advice. She is the only reason I can still keep fighting

  • Thanks so much for you reply means so much, I'm sorry to hear you have been like this since the start of the year and no further forward. I'm glad lindel has helped I will look for her threads for some advice. The painkillers have never worked only just dulled the pain, today I'm feeling so bad, my right ovary feels like it's on fire and burning pain in my vagina and my right leg is so sore also pain in my back and feeling so sick, I'm feeling so anxious and upset. I'm so sorry for ranting just loosing patients can't imagine how you feel with it being going on so long thanks again and sorry for ranting oh just does not understand and ain't giving much help around house xxxxx

  • Rant away! That's what we are all here for.

    It really does sound very similar to my pain. Today I feel like each step I take my insides might burst. Iv not felt that bad for a while.

    I'm in Scotland and it is very hard to get referrals where I live, especially because I have already seen two different gynaes.

    Are you in England? I hear you can ask to be referred to any consultant and your Dr should refer you. Which is very good. Look up for your nearest specialist and ask to be referred to an endo specialist.

    You are going to need a lap and it will make such a difference if that's done by the right person first time round.

  • Hi Sam

    I'm same as you in Scotland. Have been admitted twice to urology as the supected kidney or gall stones. The pain killers made me constipated so had to drink 8 movical sachets in litre of water to get rid. The first time I was admitted they saw cyst on ovary on ultra sound and apparently gyne wouldn't answer there phone for four hours so was discharged and told someone would call me. When I got call they said pain not related to cyst Continue with pain killers hopefully it will clear up. Second admission was urology again as gp thought they'd missed a stone got ct scan urology said we've refered you to gyne. Which I've heard nothing I'm pulling my hair out. Have you had a lap done and can I ask if you have found any painkillers that work many thanks xxxx

  • I'm sad to hear how you are and what you've suffered. I have endo but was never given pain killers. I get clots and severe pain - makes you want to cry doesn't it- but trying to manage with ayurvedic herbal remedies and exercise as zoladex injections and then provera left me feeling awful on top of the endo.

    I don't have any words of wisdom I'm afraid bur just want you to know you're not alone. I would definitely seek a gynaecologist who seriously specialises in endo. It is a major condition so a specialist is essential. I've also learnt though that you need to be firm whoever you end up seeing. GOOD LUCK X

  • Thanks for your reply happy mummy. I'm sorry you have the same pain it really is horrendous is it. I've been trying to call my doctor since 8am as this weekend has been bad and the pain in my leg is causing it hard to walk coming for the pain in my back and working down. Doctor is closed for holiday so currently waiting for gmeds to call me. Moods and tears have also been bad this weekend. I'm so shocked with the way everyone on here as been feeling and what they have gone through without receiving any help 😢: good luck with your pain take care thanks again xx

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