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Hello this is my first post on here so hello to all. I had my 5th lapo 2 weeks ago and there was so much endo everywhere and surgeon told me it was like glue and worse hes seen me. Yesterday I felt my normal endo pain for a good hour I'm unsure it's all in my head or just cause I'm so stressed at the moment. Feeling really low about my endo and future at the moment. Any advise would be amazing. Xxx

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Hi hun sorry to hear you're still in pain I do think a laporoscopy is a bigger op then the docs make it out to be I felt so rough after mine. It could be that everything is still settling down from where the endo has been taken away. I too am feeling a bit down atm I think it's so hard what we have to go through. See how you feel at your post op check and you can discuss with your consultant if your still experiencing pain and go through your options. Hopefully things will settle down xxx


Hi - where do you have endo and are you being treated in a general gynaecology department or in a specialist endo centre? Also where are you in the UK as treatment options vary.


Torbay hospital in Devon. It's normally on my left ovaries but this time around my surgeon said it was everywhere and glue like. It's 3 weeks now and still not right.


Hi - this is so terrible. As you are in England you have access to NHS Choices that allows you to be seen by any specialist you want and we have had specialist endo centres now all over the country for at lest 5 years. For a general gynaecologist to keep doing laps when the extent of your endo is clearly quite beyond his or her capabilities is so wrong and you should have been referred to a centre long ago. I don't know wht pain you have but it is likely that you may have rectovaginal endo now that must only ever be tackled in a centre anyway as confirmed by the NHS contract for complex endo surgery. Can you click on my name and have a look at my post on rectovaginal endo to see if you identify with it, but in any event look at my post on how to find a specialist. Feel free to send me a private message if you need more help. xx

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