Hi everyone I am new to this page so I hope you don't mind me moaning. I hope you can all help, right I have the mirena coil in, had it in the last 5 year I have put nearly 4 stone on, lost a canny bit of hair while having it in to be told that it wasn't the mirena that was the cause any how its time to get it out need have been giving cerelle to take as I don't want another mirena putting in as I want to lose the weight that I have gained over the last couple of year. I was just wondering if I would put more weight on taking the cerelle. Hope you can help my only other option is to get sterilised as I am to fat for normal contraception.

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  • Hi saz83,

    I have been on the pill for a good few years now but haven't experienced any weight gain, just bloating which is all part of the endo fun so I'm told!

    The coil was never offered to me but I have a few friends that have them and they experienced a lot of weight gain on them too so moved to alternatives. It may be worth giving Cerelle a try and see how you get on?

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks hun, going to start it tomorrow and c how I go :) .

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