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Finally did it - Depo Injection - now what

So in desperation I went to the docs after a sleepless night with groing, hip, buttock and leg pain (left side only) and she gave me the Depo injection to see if it stops my symptoms, I had a lap 4.5 years ago and had some endo lasered and diagnosed with choc cysts of left ovary.

How quickly does the Depo start to 'calm' things down, she said anything from 3 weeks to the full 12 weeks but I just wondered if you ladies had any other experiences that might help me know what to expect. (I am 48)

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Hi - it sounds as though you have rectovaginal endo and your GP should have referred you to a specialist centre. The injection might quieten any increase in symptoms at period time, but these sorts of pain you are describing are often present all the time due to adhesions and referred nerve pain, primarily from nodules of endo on the uterosacral ligaments. Can you click on my name and read my post on rectovaginal endo and the one on how to find a specialist. Why GPs are prescribing contraceptives for the type of endo that is suggested in your case I don't know. Where are you in the UK?


Hi, thanks for replying, after my lap things improved but over the last 6 months the pain in my left lower pelvis, hip, outer leg as far down as my knee is starting to become debilitating, walking up stairs is really uncomfirtable and over the last few days (i'm mid-cycle) laying in bed is painful, she also prescribed Mefenamic Acid. I am in Wiltshire.


Hi - as you are in England you have access to NHS Choices that enable you to be seen by any consultant you want anywhere in the country for any stage of endo. You are also covered by the NHS contract and its underpinning guidelines that requires rectovaginal endo to be dealt with in a centre of excellence by surgeons who have completed at least 2 years' of advanced laparoscopic surgery training beyond that undertaken by general gynaecologists. Have a good read of the posts I mentioned. x


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