Hi i am waiting for lap for possuble endo but last year i had a scan and it showed multiple small 2/3 cm fibroids. That was last oct and i have been on cerette mini pill since. However recently i have a pain in my left sids of groin that shoots down lwg when i walk i also feel pressure pain on groin when i bend forward or sit down and back pain too...does anyone think this could be fibroid related...could they grow in a year? Be great to hear your thoughts.

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  • Hi hun sorry you are going through this lawful disease. I suffer with the same pain on left side. For me it turns out one of my many fibroids is at the back of my womb and is pressing on my ciatic nerve. Worse when I am bleeding. Hopefully GP can prescribe you Voltarol suppositories which help with the pain. They are brill as long as you are able to have them. Not nice having to push them up your bottom but the relief is fantastic for a few hours I can say I am pain free. Need to enjoy these moments as they don't come often enough. Lots of love x

  • Thank you i am going to ask doc for those next week x

  • Hi I had fibroids and mine grew from a few cm to 30 cm in size in the space of a year so it can happen . pressure and leg pain is very common with fibroids x

  • Hi thanks today the pain so bad dont know what to do with myself x

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