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Shooting pains

Hi all. Long story. Was diagnosed with endometriosis and had helium beam treatment in July. Have mirena coil and since last week I have been put on norethisterone 3 times a day. Iv been having pain since before the op but since last week Iv been getting different pain stabbing shooting pains coming and going. So painful. Don't know if it the coil or the new meds. Anyone shed any light ?? Xx

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Coil never gave me pain so it could be the meds? However everyone reacts differently!

Good luck x


The fact that this pains started after new meds would suggest meds but the only way to be sure is to stop the meds and see if it stops again...

Doctors don't always know best,

And I wouldn't even ask them as they will fob you off just do it off your own back then you can just update them once you know. Xx


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