Very tired😕

Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of you experience really bad tiredness with endometriosis?? I can't seem to get on top of it and am finding myself sitting and just nodding waiting on an opp to have my left ovary removed as it's so bad 😕 and also...... I always feel a constant urge as if I have to go pee all the time but I don't is this another side affects?

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  • Hi Gill,

    Yes, i am one of those who experience extreme exhaustion especially during and after the pains. During the pain i also tend to pee to often. sometimes 5 minutes after peeing i will feel the pressure like i want go again. Its unbelievable i will pee like i never went 5 minutes ago. sometimes i try to ignore it but the pressure just worsens the pains.

  • Awe this is how I feel and def worse after the pain and also the you take anything for the tiredness??? I have 2 kids 4 and 2 and am shattered all the time 😕xx Thank you birdy00 xx

  • I tried taking green tea which didn't work, - it just made my exhaustion worse. i would practically drop off to sleep- I tend to just drop off to sleep in the train or waiting somewhere so strange. At the moment i am trying to take gingko biloba which i had to keep adding the strength and will see how this works out. When the pain is too much i just succumb to the exhaustion and i just get some rest. But i can understand in your case you have children, therefore even more challenging. At the moment i am just trying out different things..... GP also recommended Iron Tablets which i will start taking and see if there is a difference.

  • Thank you so much 😊 am trying to get an app with gp to see if they can help a it.xx I feel as if sometime I get up in the morning and haven't slept and all I seem to do is moan 😕😕 my poor

  • aaww... i hope he is understanding :D, Its a good idea to get advise from the GP. I was also thinking of experimenting on high energy foods. Some in the forum talk about the endo diet which they say helps a little with the pains and increases energy. so check or research on this and try it out...

  • I have suffer from Extreme exhaustion I can barely get through the day without having a nap and I'm 24 years old!

    I'm having a really bad 24 hours of excruciating endo pain and it wiped me out and I slept 4 hours today solid! And will probably sleep tonight. Listen to you body and wherever you can take time

    To rest. I appreciate with children that's difficult but try find something that works for you.

    I find pro plus works to get me through my shifts - I get it's not great for you but coffee and tea doesn't touch the exhaustion.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi I think the extreme fatigue comes from all the inflammation going on plus dealing with pain. I take rhodiola to combat this, it helps me so thought I'd share x

  • I'm exhausted all the time, I thought it was the prostap/temp menopause.....I slept 22 out of 48 hours at the weekend. I've got my first surgery of two coming up, I'm looking forward to things getting slightly less bulky down there and bye bye endometiroma!!

  • Thank you all so much for your advice 😊 it really helps to know that am not the only one saying am tired all the time....that's all I seen to I hope my gp can sort me out tomorrow.xx I get my opp o the 27th Oct to have my left ovary removed so hopefully this will really appreciate all your comments 😊👍

  • Ps....sorry for going on....but do any of you have a sore back most days?? When I don't have endo pain my back is in bit😡xx

  • Currently lying in bed with a hot water bottle on my back and I've been dreaming of it all day!

    Back ache is a common symptom of endo 😩 but heat, paracetamol for the pain and ibuprofen for the inflammation may help x

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