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Very confused

I was wondering if anyone could help, back in August I was admitted in to hospital with really bad tummy pains worst than ever before, saw lots of general doctors who decided that it was just ovation pain and discharged me that next day, before being discharged I was told I was anemic, so I went back to my gp the next day as told to by the hospital, who sent me for a trans abdominal and trans vaginal scan which showed poly cystic ovaries now I am very confused can people have endometriosis and poly cystic ovarian syndrome?

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I have Endo and poly cystic ovarian syndrome.

I think I had PCOS since my periods started as they were very irregular. I also have severe ovulation pain, excess hair, spots and weight problems. All associated with PCOS.

I was diagnosed with Endo in my early 20's.

So you aren't alone.

Beat wishes,



Thank you



Yes you can it's rare but it does happen.

There are 2 different types of PCOS you can have poly cystic ovaries which is just the cysts or the poly cystic ovarian syndrome which is more to do with the hormone levels and will have effects like irregular periods, hair growth on the body and face, weight gain issues etc

I guess in some ways I'm lucky as I have the syndrome with no cysts but was diagnosed with endo early this year. There is a PCOS diet which definitely helps the symptoms and is great if you have problems loosing and sustaining your weight.

Hope you feel better soon

I know your pain

Zoe xx


Thank you for your reply, I have the syndrome and also endo now waiting to be re referred to a consultant


Also, doctors often misdiagnose PCOS when it is in fact endo. This happened to me.


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