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Can anybody help me I am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy which I am told is 18 weeks and am currently on prostap one of the GPs at my surgery to me today as I have done 6 months on it I can't have anymore and I should try the mini pill what the hell is that about does anyone have any ideas it is really stressing me the thought of being in all that pain again thanks xx

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Hi there

Well he is sort of right they are only licences for 6 months use at a a time ,however they are of course used for longer I've been on zoladex now for 2 years .

I assuming your consultant prescribed it in the first place I would try and contact them via secretary to ask them to send a letter to say it's ok to stay on until surgery if it is working that is .

All the best


Aww thank you yes it is working very well I will try contacting them x

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