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Is there ever any end to it? At my last visit to the gynaecologist he told me they need a diagnosis so they can determine treatment and sent me away with tranexamic acid (which makes me ill) I told him I was fed up of just having painkillers chucked at me all the time and want it sorted!!

I HAVE a diagnosis.....from them!!! He has referred me for another scan and further tests!

I was taking cerazette but was bleeding (or had some form of discharge) constantly for three weeks. The GP has now put me on Norethisterone. Two a day for ten days then a 10-15 break...surely during that time I am going to have a (painful) period in that break!!

Has anyone any experience of this?

Has anyone finally been given relief from endo and adeno? It feels like I am destined to spend the rest of my life in pain!!

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