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Painful ultrasound?!

Hey gals,

Had an ultrasound this morning just to check up on things - good news - no cysts and the only thing wrong is I have gallstones and my womb is 'patchy'... (endo and adeno diagnosed so was expecting this). Anyhow I found it really painful at the base of my tummy and now in bed with meds and a hot water bottle!!

Never had an ultrasound hurt before anyone had this?!

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Yeah I was in pain after I had a scan it showed I had a cyst on my ovary and also have endo as well but your not alone as Iv been on pain meds since I had mine on the Friday my hot water bottle has been my lifesaver hope u feel better soon xx


I found my last ultrasound to be excruciating. I have a tilted uterus so they always have to do an internal. This time it was commented on how badly it was tilted and I was told to expect it to be unpleasant. I ended up lying around for the rest of the day with a hottie and painkillers trying to soothe the pain. I haven't bothered to try and get my results from my GP (due last week) as I see the Consultant next week so I'm hoping he goes through them.


I had a ultrasound last week, and it was really uncomfortable. I'd had one a couple of years previously and it didn't hurt at all, but this one wasn't very nice and I went to bed that afternoon with painkillers and a hot water bottle and was uncomfortable for the next 24 hours. It often felt like a 'pulling' sensation, which wasn't very nice and a general ache. I have scar tissue on the back of my vaginal wall and a tilted womb, so I think that is why it hurt.


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