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Endometriosis and autoimmune disease: are there links?

I believe I have a number of the typical symptoms of endometriosis and my consultant, who I saw yesterday, has agreed to preform a diagnostic laparoscopy. I'm now just 'impatiently' waiting for the letter to arrive to confirm the date of the op. Hopefully 'everything crossed' I won't be waiting too long! On top of this for the last few months I have been feeling quite unwell in myself (fatigue, dizziness, weight loss and a horrible rash has broken out on my feet, hands, arm and face). After numerous tests I have been given a provisional diagnosis of autoimmune disease or connective tissue disease (possible lupus). I only found out this week and am waiting for a referral to the hospital for further tests and confirmation of the diagnosis. my reason for posting on this site is I'm wondering if there are any links between endo and autoimmune disorders? Does anyone else suffer with both and if so how do you manage the conditions? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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