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Different stages help please

Hi everyone,

Can someone please explain the different stages to me?

I've been told that I'm stage 2 or 3 because the doctors found a mass which they think is my colon attached to my ovary and possible my bladder is attached aswell. They also think there's a build up of endometriois.

After five weeks of agony they have finally stopped blaming my symptoms on IBS and realised that my endometriosis is the blame.

I had a lap six years ago (they thought I had a ruptured appendix) and found endo in my tubes beneath my bowel. I've been in and out of hospital for years with agonising stomach pains and get sent home with painkillers or told it's constipation (it wasn't any of the times).

So if anyone can explain the stages to me, that would be amazing.

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Hi, I read through your post and, as a new diagnosis, I too have no idea. My understanding is it's staged by the depth the, cyst root I believe, penetrates into the surface it's attached to. I'm probably wrong about everything, and I do believe there are many other 'things' taken into account, all I do remember reading across the board was 5mm of growth in the root+A+B+C and so on.

I HOPE somebody can lay this out in Laymans terms, I too need a better understanding!

Claire, thank you for asking my question xx


It's all so confusing and i was diagnosed six years ago and presumed (because no one said) that I was stage one then, as it was just in my tubes. And now I might be 2/3 as it's affecting organs and I need them cut away in a laparoscopy.

Can women progress through stages, or have I Always been a stage 2/3?


My leaflet the hospital gave me says when they do the lap they identify old (inactive) patches as white indicating it's early stage, and anything still active is assessed and pulls up your stage, I think it's possible for the disease to maintain a certain level and not increase or decrease, for a period of time, but ALL untreated areas will worsen.

I hope I'm helping, I'm very new to all of this, I'm still hoping somebody else will come along and confirm/correct me xx


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