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Does anyone suffer from cold/flu or allergy like symptoms before a period?

Finally I have found an article which links cyclical allergy response to hormones - this is "significantly more common in women with disease conditions due to hormone imbalance like endometriosis than in women in the general population" and studies (of these women) "indicate associations of asthma" (which I also have)

So how to get my GP and gynaecologist to understand and accept that I know my own body better than anyone and when I tell them this is happening, not to dismiss it as an impossibility, OCD, or 'all in my head'?


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I have asthma and heyfever but sometimes before my period I have itchy rashes and very sensitive skin I wonder if this could be connected as well xx


I think it is - I also have very sensitive skin which easily flares up in response to perfume or chemicals. I can't wear wool either. The theory is that endo is an auto-immune disease and as a result I think it makes the body overreact (or highly sensitive) to anything it percieves as an invader - even our own hormones! My GP however thinks that this is just my OCD and doesn't believe its real :-( xx


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