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Endo and fibroids

Hi all - I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo over 20 years ago and have had 3 laps, laser ablation and zoladex. I now have multiple fibroids as well, some quite large and some large endometrial cysts. I've always suffered pain but now have a lot of bulking (20 weeks size uterus when last checked) pressure and frequent urination. Have been offered ua embo but told may not be effective as not known how much of my problem is from endo and how much fibroids. Anyone have similar experience? Can anyone recommend a consultant with experience in both. Thank you:)

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Hi - you may have a condition called adenomyosis as well as or instead of fibroids as they can sometimes be confused. Endometrial ablation may help but it is not guaranteed. Ultimately a hysterectomy is the only resolution. This is a good site about that condition:


But it sounds like your endo has not been properly treated. If you had stage 4 20 years ago it is likely your bowel is involved and ablation techniques are not appropriate for such rectovaginal endo as it is usually deep. We now have endo centres where this should be dealt with. Your choices depend on where you are in the UK - in England you have NHS Choices and can chose to go to any you want. They would then deal with all your issues. Where in the UK are you?

Click on my name and look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo and the one on how to find a specialist centre. Get back if you need any help. x


Thank you! That's fantastically helpful. I'm London based and was recently signed off from the royal free gynae dept who suggested uae may be the way to go. My last mri said pouch of Douglas involved and I do have haemorrhoids which only bleed monthly. Your post is fascinating and I've learnt so much. Thank you. Was unaware of these specialist centres and keen to get a 2nd opinion. Thank you!


Hi - I think we can be excused for not knowing about the centres but it is quite terrifying that gynecologists don't when you have had POD endo confirmed by an MRI. I'll pm you about specialists. x


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