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Dye hair before surgery!

Hi everyone can anyone tell me if you can dye your hair before surgery.. I have my surgery this week and I want to dye my hair before I go and have my surgery

I'm not sure it's not something I've ever thought about it was a friend who said can you dye your hair before surgery is it safe to you better find out before you do it

Now I'm worried if I should still do my hair or not now

Help someone please 😁😁

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I had my hair done just before surgery - can't see any reason you couldn't. I washed it the morning I went in as I wasn't sure when I'd get a chance after the op. They usually just tell you to bathe/shower before you go in and not to put on any moisturiser etc

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Thankyou for your help I'll call my doctor today and find out if it I can or not


It's perfectly safe. I had mine done 2 days before my op


Phone your hairdresser or chemist and unless your an allergic person it should be OK if you use something g you've used before

Good luck for your op

Persil xx


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