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Weird menstrual cycle

Alright well of course when i started my period back in like 2011 it was really irregular and once i had a period that was 2 months long and it was due to fatty liver i think (they did an ultra sound on me) well after that my period has become fairly normal. No longer than 7 days as usual, but back in May my period didn't come and i was like, hmm maybe it'll come next month and it didn't. This is weird cause I haven't been irregular in like 4 years. Then in July my period finally arrived and i thought it was going to be 7 days but it wasn't.

First off my period started off red then turned brown the second day, it's old blood cause it's been in there for a while but it was either a very light brown or really dark brown. What surprised me is I had no cramps at all. It didn't worry me much but now it's been a month and it was still brown. I didn't let it get to me at all then last week it finally ended and i was relieved but four days later it came back, with cramps. and i am now bleeding and i feel maybe a bit too much. so far this period has been 6 days and each day i have had bad cramps.I went to the doctor and she said to just give it a couple more months and see what happens. My mom doesn't want me on birth control so with that being said, I don't know what to do and I'm worried for whatever is going on in my uterus.

I have been exercising more than often so I don't get why it's been here for so long? and the only painkiller that's been working is ibuprofen and prayers lol.

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forgot to mention that it was a month long of brown woops


Hello. I would suggest going back to your doctor and explaining it all properly again, see if there are any tests they can do. Do you have a diagnosis of endo? I'm not sure how old you are but really it should be your decision or a joint one not just your Mum's about trying birth control pills. Some women do find them really helpful so I think they are worth you considering and discussing with your mum - she should just see them as a medication that could help you really. Hope you can get some answers. :-)


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