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Laparoscopy revealed scar tissue around the colon?

Hello, I had a laparoscopy yesterday to check for endometriosis. My doctor did find at least a small amount of endo which he was able to remove (and also removed a couple very small ovarian cysts)... I haven't yet had a chance to speak with my doctor directly since i have been sleeping so much but when he explained his findings to my husband while I was in recovery he told him that he saw some scar tissue around the colon and that it wasn't anything he attempted to touch on. I am just wondering if anyone knows how scar tissue would get there and whether or not it could be contributing to my pelvic pain. Any input is appreciated!

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Scar tissue around your colon is likely to be endometriosis of the bowel. Your surgeon wouldn't ha e touched it as its not a gyneacologist area. If he did see that you should get referred to a gastroenglosist as another op will be needed. I had the same coming out of my laparoscopy and I've been seeing a gastro specialist and starting the whole process of diagnosing my bowel stuff alongside the endo! From my experience it's all connected!

Good luck, and feel better!


Thanks for your reply! If that is the case would I likely be experiencing more bowel related symptoms? Especially in the past couple years my symptoms have been very much related to the pelvic region, but with some alternating constipation and diarrhea - I just wouldn't say that part has been too worrisome. I guess I just wouldn't want to go through another op unless that part would be causing a lot of distressing symptoms. Thanks!


I guess the best is to firstly go see your GP and discuss it with them. Also get the results from your current lap, or talk to the surgeon to determine how much scar tissue was around your colon.

I've only recently started having issues with my bowels, and nausea all the time. I ended up having a colonoscopy but the weirdest thing after was the amount of pain I was in like severe period pain. You definitely don't want to go through another op unless you have too but make sure you get more information and see what can be done!


Oh wow, that's very interesting. Thanks again for your input... it is helpful!


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