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Help Getting refered to an endo specialist??

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone can help me regarding referrals to a specialist centre? Does your dr have to refer you or is there a way you can get yourself into a specialist centre, my dr is pretty clueless when it comes to endo, he just keeps telling me to lose weight and I'll be fine (I was diagnosed at James Cook but have since moved 130 miles away to Grimsby) he doesn't seam interested in giving me any help or referring me so that someone else can help :(

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I would get yourself registered at a new GP near you and ask for a referral... Have a look on bgse.org.UK for a centre near you and ask specifically for a referral there... Even better if you know the consultants name. Good luck 😊

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I'm in Grimsby too, not sure how to get referred to a specialist but there is one at Castle Hill hospital in Hull, I'd recommend registering with a new GP (NOT ASHWOOD SURGERY!!!!) and at the very least they should refer you to the hospital Mr Manohar is a good Dr I've been under him for endo since January. But if you feel you need a specialist ask about the castle hill one (I'm not sure if it's definitely NHS though)

Sorry if I'm not much help x


Hi - it really is very worrying that a GP not only knows nothing about endo but also your rights under NHS Choices to request a referral to any specialist you want anywhere in the country. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find a specialist and take time to read all the links. Get yourself really clued up on the procedure and note that the centres were set up to ensure patients can get direct referrals from GPs to avoid inappropriate care in general gynaecology. Get back if you need any help. x


Hi sweetheart I'm based in hull, I would HIGHLY recommend Mrs Jane Allen or Mr Kevin Phillips at the spire anlaby....pretty sure the number flyer bus will get you somewhere near if you don't drive!! I went privately to see Mrs Allen as the bus wait was ridiculous and I was in AGONY I got an appointment the next day, my GPS had to fax over a referral basically saying I had been suffering from Gynae pain. My consultation fee was £150 and worth every penny. I then got put back into the nhs stream for my treatment and operation. Feel free to message me if you need anymore info xxx


Nhs wait not bus wait haha


Glad to see someone in the Grimsby area suffering. I am having a nightmare with my consultant at the hospital. I went home crying today. My consultant was on the sick, so had a locum. I have just finished 6 month course of prostap which helped wonders! The locum said to try nothing and come back in 3 months. I said but my consultant wants to do another lap? He said well you need to talk to him in 3 months!

So I have finally had enough. I am going to try a referral to Hull.


I have a friend here who's struggling aswell :( I tried getting diagnosed for years here and they kept fobbing me of, within a few months of living in Middlesbrough I was having a lap ect, they are useless here


I'm in Hull and i am now really beginning to worry :( i have my third lap due in a couple of weeks but I was totally unaware of Castle Hill having bsge team and now I'm kicking myself for not looking into things further. I can't afford to go through private this time around so i just went through my gp/gyne and they said they would refer me and i got referred to a specialist at Hull Royal, i have googled him however I've been unable to find much about him but does specify the following ;


Gynaecology and/or Obstetrics


Laparoscopic surgery

Menstrual Disorders

not sure there's a lot i can do now or unless i cancel it but i have been waiting since February :/ hopefully everything will be okay anyhow just wish id of realised sooner about the bsge team so close by!


I hope you have managed to get somewhere with a GP and have a referral sorted hun



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