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Shooting pain down back of left leg?

Hello ladies,

This month I seemed to have developed another symptom. I'm getting a shooting pain that sometimes starts from my left hip and turns up at the back of my leg (behind my knee). Is this a symptom that other people have? I have started taking the Yasmin pill last week so I wasn't sure whether this had anything to do with it?

I also have a sharp stabbing pain in the left side of my stomach.

I had to go home from work last week because of severe dizziness and nausea. It's really starting to get me down. Are these symptoms that other people get when not on their period?

I have many more symptoms when ovulating and on my period.

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Yes. I recently acquired this symptom to add to my growing list! I think it's sciatica. I looked at the diagrams for sciatica and traced the pain from the inside of my hip twisting around the knee and going down into my little toes, it matched the S1 nerve almost perfectly, and looking at the root of that on the diagram it would seem to correspond to where my endo was found. My guess is something in there has grown near the nerve and when inflammation happens during TOM and OV it stomps all over it. I haven't yet mentioned it to my GP, so I could be wrong, but worth looking at the diagrams to see if yours matches up too. There are a few on Google images.


Hiya, sorry you have the same thing! It's such a pain. Thanks for your comment, that would make sense. I will have a little look. Just another thing to add to the list unfortunately!


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