When is it safe to go back to work after LAP

Hi all,

I had a Lap 7 days ago. Although I am gradually feeling better I still have pain, nausea, tiredness and now pain down my left leg and pain in my right calf. I am due to return to work Monday after two weeks off but I don't feel ready. Is this normal? I worry that work will think I'm being precious but I work long hours from leaving home to returning it is a fifteen hour day. Most of that stood on my feet, I don't feel I can do that right now. What are normal recovery times? Should I just cut myself some slack and stop worrying about what work thinks?

Thanks for listening :-) Rachel

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  • Recovery from a lap varies from each individual. Personally, I wouldn't worry about what work think. Remember, if you have endo you are not just recovery from a lap you have a condition that causes pain and it can be aggravated by the lap.



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  • Yes your right and It does seem to have upset my whole body :-)

  • Hi Julie just joined the fb group thanks :-) good to know I'm not alone x

  • Hi I had mine done last Tuesday, so have been off for a week so far. I'm gradually starting to feel like a real person again - although still suffering from cramping and pain from the incisions, as well as gas in my shoulder. I plan on taking another week off and perhaps returning to work next week, if I'm feeling better. Remember you just had surgery, take it at your own pace!

  • Yes I think I expect too much from myself. But the surgeons are so blaze about it. And my boss was like you'll be fine in a couple of days. What a joke. I'm seeing GP for check up tomorrow so I will see what she thinks. But yes it is up to how I'm feeling and right now it's pretty rubbish. I did a little cooking yesterday and had to go and lay down. Which made me feel I even more useless. But I keep spiking a temperature so maybe mire going on inside that I know. :-)

  • Your boss sounds pretty inconsiderate - you just had surgery!! Please put your own health and well-being first and take it easy for a while. Not everyone recovers at the same rate. Go easy on the housework too! I learned that the hard way when I went and tackled a week's worth of dishes only to be in even worse agony the next day.

  • Hi - the recovery experience of each individual is different but this very much depends on the lap itself, where your endo was/is and what was done. If it was a diagnostic lap and the endo is mild and treated with ablation (superficial treatment) as usually happens in general gynaecology then you might expect to be up and about in 2 weeks. However, if you have severe endo that involved hours of excision surgery that might have aggravated nerves then it may be 2 - 3 months or even more before you feel a real benefit. The worse case scenario is having a lap done in general gynaecology where deep endo is missed and you continue having the same symptoms as before because it hasn't been treated. You can expect to feel tired and perhaps nauseous simply from the anaesthetic and general shock to your body so soon after, but it is your left leg pain that is a concern. Did you have this before the lap? Do you know where endo was found and what was done? Left leg pain is a symptom of endo in a place called the Pouch of Douglas that is very often missed in general gynaecology. What other symptoms did you have - any back pain or pain with sex regardless of the time of month? x

  • Hi lindle,

    Well I have has sciatica in the past but not for a few years so the pain is new. I do have back pain that radiates across my lower back. Sex has always been painful but recently followed by spotting also. I have constant burning in my stomach. Frequency of urination oh the list is endless. im trying to figure out what is new and old and what is complications of the surgery. :-)

  • Hi again - clearly you mustn't go back to work until you are good any ready as we have all fallen into that trap of going back too early only to end up taking longer to recover. I do think it would be useful to know what was found and done at the lap simply for your own information - you can get a copy of the surgical report from your GP practice for a small fee. Then you should monitor your symptoms - especially the leg and back pain and pain with sex. If they continue after a month or two I do think you might need more thorough investigations. x

  • Sorry to hear you are suffering, I have a lap booked in October and have spoken to work who will lend me a laptop so I can work from home. Not sure what type of work you do, but is working from home perhaps an option? I think you should also have the right to request light duties. Don't rush back if your not ready hun, you can cause big set backs. Look after yourself x

  • Thanks I will update tomorrow on what the GP has to say. :-)

  • I have extensive endo, but had a small lap last august to treat cyst and a few adhesions, by the end of week two I was getting about the house and the wind pain was almost gone, and I was asking myself the same questions. I didn't feel 'right' and a little emotional too. My gp signed me off for a third week, which I am so glad I did in the end because the improvement was much better by the end of the third week, and I felt much stronger, and emotionally prepared to go back Into to the fray!

    People expect you to be 100% if you are back at work! and it can be harder to cope with if you just aren't!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • You are very right Nicky. No sympathy from co workers and my job is very full on physically and emotionally.

    Thanks for all your responses makes me feel I'm not alone :-)

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