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Endo or adhesions 8 years after hysterectomy


I am 47 yes of age and had a hysterectomy 8 years ago due to endo. My ovaries were also removed.

For the past few months I have had pelvic pain , swelling, nausea, vomiting , fatigue and generally yuk !! Dr thought it was a uti as Urine showed infection . However that has cleared but still in pain and it is so uncomfortable on the left hand side.

I have always had pain there since op and put it down to those nasty drains being pulled out.

I am now thinking return of endo or adhesions? Back to the Drs next week but would be grateful to hear if others ha ve experienced similar.

Thank you

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Hi jelly, I could of written that post myself! I also had a total hysterectomy eight years ago. For a while things seemed to be ok then had hurt implant, bad mistake. Pain returned. Now after years of no hrt I am having occasional bowel and vaginal bleeding. Bowels are a nightmare, constipation due to lack of movement in bowel and constant stabbing pain as things try to move around. Then I had a heavy vaginal bleed which felt like something had ruptured, like a cyst and since then the left sided bowel pain near my bladder is horrendous. Am waiting on an appt to see bowel consultant but am always getting fobbed off with the old ibs diagnosis which I am really tired of. So I'm hoping for a scan or something as I think it's something on the outside of my bowel or in abdominal area.

Urine test came back negative. Just wish we could be believed when we say there is something wrong and have acknowledgement of the previous endometriosis link rather than its just ibs.

Expasperated is how I feel.



Thanks for replying. I am so sorry to hear of your pain and what you are suffering . It does sound similar to me. Fed up of going to Drs .... Uti they say but no way should I have pain this long and stomach so swollen and sore, feeling nauseous etc.

Drs next week when I am going to demand to be referred back to my gynae and have a consultation privately . It costs money but will be worth it to find out what is causing this.

Thinking of you and let me know how you get on xx

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Thanks jelly. Have got an appt with bowel guy mid august who works with the gynaecological guys left over patients all in the same predicament so shall see how it goes. I did see both privately initially but lost private health care when made redundant and now part time work so back on the nhs. Will keep in touch aye and see what they come up with. I'm 47 this year and from the northwest. I had a huge amount of additional swelling prior and after burst whatever it was and felt like fluid in my abdomen. V noticeable. Let's hope we get some answers. Thinking of you.


It's weird that when I lie down I am fine ... Nothing , no pain at all. Get out of bed and ouch !!! Maybe I'll just stay here all day !!!!

Thinking of you



OMG you two @ Jelly1967 and shardeb........that makes at least three of us !!!

I had my total hysterectomy about 12 years ago though but other than that, you could almost be talking about me !

I don't regret my hysterectomy but do wish I knew what was happening now and why !

I have been constantly going round the loop for the last two years of Gynae (can't be their department as had total hysterectomy ! ) so they refer me back to Gastro ( will be your IBS but possibly Gynae problems too ) so refer me back to them ! :/

I am waiting for results of an MRI now but know they are not expecting that to show anything and was prescribed drugs for the IBSC which made it worse.

I have decided to try FODMAPS now (with or without their help) to see if that helps with the bloating and pain in any way.

Like you, I was wondering if it could be adhesions though ?

Good luck with your appointments and let us know how it goes please. x


Please let us know how you get on at the Drs.....Your situation is so like mine !


Hi Di

What is fodmaps? Never heard of that one!

Sorry you are suffering too ...must be awful to be shoved from pillar to post. I now have an appt with my gynae on the 8th sept. Going privately for first consultation as they give u more attention I find and worth every single bit of money!

I am hoping he will say he will do a lap so can have a good look to see what is going on rather than fannying around with scans etc!!! Just get straight to the diagnosis I say and that can't be done without opening u up!

Like you Di I don't regret having my hyst at all .... 8 years being pain free and a normal person !!!! I wish u all the best .... Stay in touch xx


Hi, I know it has been a long time but was wondering how you all got on. I am having these issues now :(


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