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Hi, I have been prescribed Tranexamic for the second time even though I didn't think it did much the first time but on advice from consultant said I would try again. My understanding is this is blood clotting medication & meant to reduce heavy bleeding, it has had the total opposite effect for me and has actually made my bleeding worse! Has anyone else had this experience? I have endo, fibroids & PCS. Thanks

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Sorry to hear the Tranexamic isn't working :( i was prescribed this 5 years ago to help, and found it didn't help me either.

If its not working then i'd advise you to stop taking it, and go back to your GP and see if he can advise something else. Maybe you'll need a higher dose, or sometimes it just won't work :(

Hope your feeling better soon though.

Emma Xx


Thanks for your reply Emma, felt really lousy the last 4 days on it and my endo pain was worse. Bruises have started appearing up my legs which don't hurt when pressed and felt that bad today I phoned in sick for work which I never do! I haven't taken any today & feeling a lot better. Don't think there for me. Next is to try the coil for the second time, hope it works this time! It feels like a never ending circle sometimes, lol xx


It is a never ending circle isnt it, but your body knows when somethings not right for you, so just do what you think is best :) Xx


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