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Getting more worried

Hi all.

Thought I'd give a bit of a brief background. I got diagnosed via lap in Dec 2007 and some of the endo was removed. I noticed symptoms improved so reduced painkillers and I felt a bit more normal. After TTC for 3mths I got pregnant and had my daughter Dec 2010. I have put approx 4 stone on since first lap to now (was 5 stone, but lost a stone over past few mths as scared about anaesthetic being overweight so trying to get fitter and lose the baby weight I never lost) and TTC for past 18mths with no luck. Endo is at its most painful I have ever had. It is constant. The only relief I get is about 5-7 days post period.

I dont know if anyone else has this but I have a constant pain in my lower right side groin. Can only describe it as a painful, puling stitch. Some days really bad to the point of limping, other days just niggly. But always there. Is this the endo? As this part is completley different to the 'usual' pain I experience?

I am booked in for a lap on 21st sept and dreading it. I have prebooked a week off work due to my workload (a nurse) and this time have a 4yr old to look after too..

Im hoping to be a little bit lighter too than my previous weight at clinic. Heres hoping anyway.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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I had my endo removed probably about 3years ago,but the pains back and being having that same pain I always say to my doctor it's like a really sharp stitch and it's a struggle to walk when it's bad,the doctor refered me to me physio,but I'm pretty sur ether won't help. I'm going to see my consultant soon,but it'll be interesting to see what causes it.

Good luck for your op



Thankyou. Its such a constant, specific pain I dont know what it is that causes it. X


I've had two operations in the last year and have fallen back to the pain in right groin area as you have described. The pain at it's worst feels like a sharp knife is twisting very slowly inside. I've been off sick today and been given medication by the doctor. I have my appointment with my consultant in a few weeks so hopefully some more tests can be done. I hope it all goes well with your op. X


That 'twisting knife' feeling you describe is exactly how that groin area feels during my period. The pain makes me feel faint, sick and sweat. Each month gets worse. I should only now have maybe 1or 2 more periods before surgery. Do you know if they can carry on with surgery even when period has started? Xx


Hi, I really feel for you. I'm new to this forum because my endo is back, and I'll be having surgery (again) in 4 weeks. The first thing I would suggest is to plan for more than one week off after your surgery. I too am a nurse, and it can be heavy work, emotionally and physically. Even if laps don't find/ remove anything recovery can take time, esp when we already have enough existing pain to battle with! Have you had any imaging done pre surgery? There are specialist sonographers who can detect endo in its various localities..which may give you an indication of where your pain is originating from... I.e your pain sounds a little like mine, only opposite side, and I have an endometrioma...which is adhered to my pelvic sidewall...it often feels like someone is tugging at my groin, also have endo on uterosacral ligaments, which means I too get the leg pain that you are describing but usually down the back, however it supress me sometimes.... Just a thought, but have you done any heavy lifting lately? Could it be a hernia?

Good luck. I hope you get some answers soon.


Hi. Thanks for your message.

I work with babies and children in an ICU setting so heavy lifting is at a minimal (except for picking my daughter up..) i had an U/S last july and nothing got picked up on that as to what the pain was.

I hope a week off work is enough but if its not I cant really help that. I have started bleeding inbetween periods now too so my GP has written a letter to my gyane consultant making sure he doesnt cancel me (as they do that a lot...

That pain you describe in your groin, can the lap sort that or not? As this pain is different to what I experienced pre pregnancy. Good luck for your surgery. Let me know how it goes xx


I think the pain in my groin is from my endometrioma, or the endo on my uterosacral ligaments, so yes hoping the lap will sort it out. I had it so bad three days ago that my partner had to carry me from the shower, I couldn't put my foot to the ground, it was so hideous..will update you post surgery.


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