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Contraceptive pill and endometriosis confusion

Hello. Almost a year ago I had excision surgery for endo. After this my consultant advised me to take my contraceptive pill (Yasmin) back to back for 3 months at a time. In March this year I went to see my GP about terrible headaches I keep getting he advised it could be my contraceptive pill and would I try to not take it for a month. I agreed to do this and in the meantime thought I'm sick of pumping my body with hormones, painkillers and what not. So decided to not go back to taking the pill... Well the pain that I was still getting after excision has got considerably better since not taking the pill? I'm confused as I know doctors prescribe the pill to control and help endo. Has anyone else has less pain when not taking contraceptives or is my body just very weird?


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I have been on both estrogen and non-estrogen based birth control. They both make me hurt all the time and significantly worse then off the pills. I think for some of us that we are too sensitive for external hormones.


Thanks for the reply, nice to know it's not just me x


Endo will continue to grow inside of you if you stop the birth control pill. I feel that while you might be feeling better it won't last. It's my opinion. I went from a high estrogen pill to a low one and feel wonderful. I take it continuously and it has eliminated the pain, bleeding and noticeably large lumps (fibroids) on my abdomen.


You are so lucky. My endo kept growing while on the shot. I went directly on the shot after my first lap. My dr said my ovary and more endo grew back in that year time span.


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