Baaadddd pain - endometriosis

hi, I was diagnosed with endometriosis during an exploratory laparoscopy, and it made a lot of sense as always have painful heavy periods etc. recently I stopped my contraceptive pill and last night I started vomiting, and then I have been in absolute agony since, then my period started. the pain is soo soo bad though. I saw my gp who said if I got worse would have to go to hospital. but I feel like I cant really go to hospital with 'period pains'. but im in agony.

have you ever been to hospital with it?

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  • Hi - where was you endo found and what has actually been done about it in terms of treatment?

  • I don't know exactly where it was found, but the nodule was removed.

  • I was in hospital every 2 months for 2 years (for 3 days to a weeks at a time) until i was 18 and ''old enough'' for morphine at home. I am now on 5mg morphine every hour through a patch and I also have oral morphine when I need it. But I really wouldn't suggest this unless it's been going on for a long time.

    I still go to hospital every now and then. But no where near as often.

    Though I would definitely keep to the contraception. I found that depo helped me as I had no periods.

    Good luck!

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