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Confused & concerned!


I'm in a bit of hard place with knowing what to do next with my health.

I've been experiencing a range of symptoms when I ovulate I have pain (which I've never experienced before) then my periods have since this Christmas gone, have been irregular, and extremely painful. My last one was so painful I was bed bound all day with two hot water bottles and dosed up on ibuprofen. And everyday of my period I had to make sure I was on pain killers otherwise it would have resulted in me being in bed again.

However, I'm feeling very confused. I have seen a doctor, actually the same one twice now explaining these symptoms and she has said she thinks it's endometriosis, and again today said that my symptoms were all pointing towards endometriosis, yet no further action has been given? She reccomended going on the pill as without it there's no way of controlling endometriosis. Is she right? And is it normal to not be referred for further testing? I've already had two children absolutely fine no trouble, but it's since my second these issues have occurred and seem to be getting worse. I'd love to have another baby, my doctor seems to think that conceiving won't be any issue?

Thank you for reading and your advice x

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Birth control is the first thing they try to ease symptoms might be worth trying for a while...have you had scans to check its nothing else? They try to avoid op only true way of telling unless ur in agony to put it lightly discharged me on codeine and morphine after every test but surgery and sounds like lots have to fight for a lap...however if u want another child seams that can help but Dr recommended ur trying for one or on birth control to try to stop it getting worse...it really varies as to affecting ur chances at pregnancy...I hope that helps x



I had an ultrasound earlier on in the year because of a discomfort I was feeling on my left side. This all came on straight after giving birth to my last child, they kept saying it was nothing and I wasn't having period back then due to breast feeding. Then periods came back & I was getting horrendous pain, which before I hadn't had, and then ovulation pain extreme pain worse than labour (which I've never ever had before!) and that's the way I've been feeling since having my last baby which is now 18 months ago. And my last period was hell. I was bed bound. But anyway going back to the scan, nothing was found and as I've read endo wouldn't show up from that which is why I'm thinking it could be that. It's really hard because I just don't simply want to be put on the pill, just because I don't want too! But feel maybe it's my only option for the time being. X


My first thought is that I'm not entirely sure how you doctor expects you to conceive in the same breath as prescribing the pill! Putting you on the pill is intended to alter the balance of your hormones to reduce the oestrogen levels that drive endo. For women with mild endo it can be very effective and halt disease whilst also helping with bad periods. But in the case of more severe endo hormone and pain medications can also mask progression of disease. Every case is different and really there is no way of knowing what will be effective for each woman. Ultimately the only way to control endo is to have it completely removed (excised).

But there is protocol to be followed and this should be based on the patient's preference. It is your choice whether you want to take the pill or whether you want to be referred to a specialist for a laparoscopy. This is the link to the NICE guidelines that describe what should be offered in cases of suspected endo. Clearly as you want to conceive you can ask for a referral and wouldn't expect to take contraception.


Please be aware that there are endo centres and it is always best for a first lap to be carried out by an expert who will know what they are looking for and who will do the best to preserve your fertility. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find a specialist.

I should take copies of the NICE guidelines and details of the endo centres from my post to your GP and ask for a referral for a lap. x

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Well that was my point exactly I'm not eager to conceive right now, so I could see why she was pushing the idea of taking the pill in the meantime. However, I am not on the pill now simply because I don't want to be! So feel like a rock in a hard place with it all.

I am just a bit surprised by the way it's been handled, and how she made the sound of endometriosis not a big deal which I know to an extent it isn't, but it can be, especially when not knowing the severity of it nor knowing whether it is actually endo in the first place!!

Thank you for your information I will certainly be looking through it all. X


Don't let any doctor persuade you that endo is not a big deal as it is acknowleged by the experts in the condition that this attitude is precisely why so many women end up with severe disease. It must be the most under-diagnosed disease in existence with the most devastating consequences that could have been avoided. You must empower yourself by learning all you rights so you can go to your GP with the power of knowledge and always be prepared to follow up consultations with a letter to the doctor recording what was said and/or what you want based on that knowledge. That usually gets action as they can't hide from it. x

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