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Pain after eating

Hi I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet but I'm sure that's what I have. I'm waiting for another gynae app in sept and I'm going to ask for a lap. I have been getting really bad pain in my left about half hour after I eat anything. The pain feels really tight sometimes feels like a stitch or pulling pain. The pain is on my left between my hip and rib on the side.

I'm thinking about asking gp for a referral to check my stomach but they are pretty useless and I'm sure they won't refer me. Just wanted to check if this sounds like endo and if anyone else has this

Thanks xx

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I've not noticed this being a major endo complaint tbh. The GI issues tend to be more poop related or gas related - like bloating that comes and goes, severe pain when having a bowel movement, blood in stool, rectal pain, bowel pain when stool is moving through colon... These issues tend to be worse or more prevalent during ovulation or the sufferer's period. Sometimes women with endo are mistakenly diagnosed with IBS when it's actually the endo, although of course one can have both.

If your pain is not specific to your menstrual cycle (ovulation and/or menstruation) it could be GI in origin (which is sometimes hard to diagnose if one has both GI issues and endometriosis). Pancreatitis, ulcers, GERD, diverticulitis etc can present with left sided abdo pain after a meal/eating. These should be excluded, especially if your lap is negative for an endo cause in that area. If the pain is severe and continues, discuss with your doctor whether a GI refer all is warranted or if you should wait until after the results of your laparoscopy.

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Hi, i've just been diagnosed with endo and had laser removal last week. The endo was found in my left and right side of pelvis. I had pain all the time but it did worsen if i ate too much or needed to go to the toilet. I think this might have been where the full bladder/bowel/stomach was pushing on the endo, but i'm not sure. Like the other reply says, prob best to look into GI probs too. Good luck x


Hey, I have endo and adenomyosis. Endo always tends to grow on my bowel and bladder causing issues as mabes described. I agree completely with what she says - diagnosis can be difficult when you have endo and GI problems.

I have been involved with gastro since 2011, I firstly had pain in rhs so they thought crohns/ibs/gallstones (in the end nsaids were causing the crohns symptoms). More recently pain on lhs below rib cage esp. after eating/lying down. Diagnosed with - ibs/Gerd/oesophagitis/hiatal hernia/gallstones/possible pancreatitis thanks to blocked duct.

Definitely worth getting a referral to upper gi from gp! It is possible to have endo on diaphragm, ileum etc. but it's rare. The association of pain with eating makes Gerd or gallstones more likely - it's really common, though it's no consolation for the pain.

I've found lots of peppermint tea has really settled things for me. Good luck getting things checked out x

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