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Is Yasmin and Lucette the same?

I am basically unsure if Yasmin and Lucette are the same?

In April my doctor told me Yasmin was ths best. And she prescribed Yasmin. But then the pharmacist gave me Lucette. I was told they are the same.

But when I asked another gp why I was told Yasmin and given another. Her answer to me was that the other doctor got confused and she told me that everyone is being transferred to Lucette. And that Yasmin isn't being made anymore.

I then mentioned this to my consultant at my hospital and she said they weren't the same, only similar. and she wrote out a prescription for me for Yasmin.

So now I am going to be switching from Lucette to Yasmin.

Do any of you know if they are the same? And have any of you ladies been switched from Yasmin to Lucette?

I've been told so many things about this and I don't know who to believe!

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Poking at my Yasmin and the Lucette make up they have the same components. For eg neoufen and ibroprofen are the same drug. They're different brands by the look of it. Yasmin is more expensive so in the Nhs they are changing to lucette I've had this before. But as they're different bands they may have a different make up. Eg to bake a cake you can have the same ingredients but two different companies making the cake and it will taste different.

Hopefully that helps :)


That does help. Thank you, I know feel more confident for the next time I see my GP. I was worried to see her again after arguing for Yasmin.


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