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Getting pregnant with endo?

Hi everyone, I'm 22 and was diagnosed with endo last month through surgery.

I'm not pain free which I cannot believe, my legs have stopped seizing up, back ache gone, stabbing pains in my lower stomach just gone! I'm bloated & tired and recovering from an infection, but that is nothing compared to the daily chronic agony of endo!

I'm now wondering about pregnancy. I don't want to have a baby now, I don't want to have a baby until I'm in my 30's really!! But with endo, I realise that is probably not possible.

My doctor sort of recommended I try for a baby now as it stops endo growth...which is really not a good idea considering I'm still at university.

Realistically, what do you all think? Does my endo diagnosis mean I have to start trying sooner? Maybe in 5 years instead of 10? I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years, we are very much in this together.

But the whole thing is very confusing and overwhelming, I haven't had a chance to really think about it clearly until now.

What do you ladies think, realistically, are my options while having endometriosis?

Thanks everyone!

K xx

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This is such a hard choice for you at your age. especially when you have a picture of how you see your future.

I am going to be a bit brutal with my opinion. It may not be everyone's but I believe that,

Pregnancy doesn't stop endo. It isn't there during your pregnancy but as soon as the baby is born and your pregnancy hormones disappear, the endo will return. So don't let your doctor make out it is a solution. It's only going to give you 10 months pain free. But pregnancy comes with its own discomforts. Then you have a baby to look after when the endo starts growing again.

I have had endo since 13 so when I accidentally fell pregnant, I decided to have children young. (19 and 23) I also had a few miscarriages during this time and I still went to university.

If you really want children then the longer you leave it the more risk there is that the endo can cause damage but you have no idea until you try.

I think you are so sensible in wanting to wait until uni is finished but as for the rest you need to weigh up the pros and cons in waiting.

Good luck! This is such a hard choice. And enjoy your pain free time!!



I couldn't agree more with the above!

My daughter was told the same and had her first baby when she was very young and soon after her first Laparoscopy but it was a good time for her. She then thought she couldn't have any more but was blessed with her second child 8 years later.

I think you are very wise to give it such careful thought....it isn't a permanent solution to the endo and it is very important for you, your boyfriend and the baby that you decide the right time.

Btw I also had endo and managed to have children, I was very lucky!

Good luck what ever you decide. Big hugs. xx


Hi Kitty,

It's stories like yours that make me almost grateful I wasn't diagnosed until I was 31. If someone had told me that my chances of conceiving were reduced and I should start trying sooner rather than later in my late teens or twenties, my life could have been very different! I am led to believe like any couple trying to conceive, many factors will come in to it and whether your endo will effect this depends a lot on the location of it.

Only try to conceive when you and your partner are ready, not because you feel pushed into it. I felt like I was pressured into it at 31 as was pretty much told with the condition and my age, my chances were lessoning-now or never was in my mind. After surgery I wasn't ready-it's a lot to get your head around and lots to discuss so I went on hormone treatment (provera) for 6 months to stop my periods and give me a bit more time.

We conceived initially within 3 months of coming off treatment but had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks but 3 months later, I became pregnant again and am currently 14 weeks, having had a very emotional scan just over 2 weeks ago. I hope this can give you some reassurance that you have time to think and complete your university degree-obviously bare in mind that everyone and each case is different. Perhaps ask your specialist where exactly your endo was found. (mine was mainly pouch of douglas and not on my reproductive organs)


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