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Had enough

Sorry in advance for my rant but im tired of going constantly round and round in circle this is exhausting me in everyway possible iv tried pills and not agreed with and then it's took this long and I had a cool fitted Wednesday and everythings do e down there but I seem to be in the exact amount of pain as I was anyway they give me painkillers they do t help so then they give me buscopan and that's just made it worse for me I just feel like I'm going to keep going round in sorry for the rant to need to let it out because it's getting ne so upset

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Hi Laura - I have been looking through your posts and think you must get a referral to a specialist centre for more thorough treatment. I imagine that so far you have been dealt with by your GP and general gynaecology. Unfortunately it is very common for endo to be missed and hormone/pain medication will just mask the symptoms and progression. You are young and have chance to turn this around. You need to learn all you can about endo and your rights so as to control the process.

Can you click on my name and read my post on Pouch of Douglas endo to see if you identify with any of those symptoms and also look at the link on adenomyosis as this can often co-exist with endo and could be the cause of the coil being so painful. Then look at my post on how to find a specialist centre - be sure to click on the links as to your rights if you are in England. Where are you in the UK?


Thankyou for all that in going to read it all now I live in grimsby


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