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Gabapentin and tramadol



Is anyone taking these two for the pain. Is it helping?

Plus what do Drs mean by saying "wait it out"? What am I waiting on?

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I was taking gabapentin for around 2 months and they sent me a bit loopy! I couldn't think straight, forgot words, would try to have a conversation I had just finished as I couldn't remember what I'd just said and I was dizzy all the time. Didn't think they did anything to help the pain either. I had to stop taking them as I wasnt able to do my job without making errors.

How are you getting on with them? I am under the pain clinic atm, and having CBT to help with my pain until my next operation (doesn't make a difference either!)

Sam341 in reply to Chinaxo

I am just sleeping. I have been off work all week because The pain is so bad.

I haven't been taking anything until my partner gets home from work so I'm not dopped up while I am with my kids as I am terrified I fall asleep. I have a very energetic 2 year old so need to be on the ball.

As for work I have to drive to clients 3 days a week and cannot make errors so I can't have pain killers on those days either.

My pain isn't related to periods and have it all the time so I need something long term to help the pain. I'm worried tramadol will is addictive.

I have just been referred to the pelvic pain clinic so hoping for help from them

What is CBT chinaxo?

Chinaxo in reply to Sam341

Yes I remember it making me feel very sleepy. I feel for you!

CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy, just a way for them to make you feel everything is in your head basically and to try to make you feel differently about your pain. I have to put my negative thoughts about my pain 'on a bus' and send them away.. A complete waste of time. I still have the pain so how will my negative thoughts about it stop? I almost feel like they try to make me feel guilty for being angry about the pain I have because there are people in the world worse off!

Ask your doctor for pre gabapentin - mine told me this has less side effects xx

I tried Tramadol and didn't get on with it at all. Made me feel sick and really dizzy. All I could do was lie down. Felt really trippy and spaced out - not in a nice way!

I had to go back to co-codamol which makes me so tired I'm scared to drive and struggle to stay awake when working at home. If I take any more than one at a time they make me queasy and sick. It's also very constipating. However I have friends who take these for different reasons and get along fine with them, so they could work fine for you.

Good luck finding something that works. I just tend to write off the days that I'm bad and pray my period falls on a weekend so I can dope myself up and stay in bed :-(

I guess 'wait it out' means grin and bear it. Good for nothing advice if you ask me! xx

I take Tramadol on flare days and I can honestly say I don't have a consistent response to it. Some days it kicks in after 30 mins others 90. Some days I feel high and others normal. Some days I feel like I had a couple of pints, some days normal. some nights I sleep, others I get crazy dreams. Eating and drinking plenty of water does help, though. Cocodamol has no side effects in that way but does constipate me so Tramadol is the best option, plus eith the 100mg extended release I can usually get away with onl one or 2 doses but with cocodamol I need 3 per day.

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