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I thing I'm pregnant with mirena...help!

Hi Ladies, can anyone offer me any advice? I am an endo sufferer and have a mirena coil fitted. Its been in situ for 4 years. Now I think I maybe pregnant. Probably 3-4 months if I am.

All urine tests I have taken have been negative but my body is telling me otherwise. My tummy is extremely swollen, I'm feeling nausea, tired, my breasts are leaking what looks like colostrum and for the past week or two I'm feeling movement. I'm to go for a blood test next week but the not knowing is killing me. It has been a very stressful year for me, I lost my dad in the summer and now my mum is poorly too so I don't know if my body is playing tricks on me.

I could go to the Women's Emergency Room but don't want to waste their time. Can anyone offer advice please?

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Hi, I woukd ring your emergency doc or go to primary care at local hospital. Sounds like you need peace of mind which I'm sure they can give you. You need to get it resolved sooner rather than later. Good luck & let me know how you've got on x


USe the search facility on the NHS website to look for your nearest NHS drop in centre


you can visit them any time, when things are more urgent than seeing a GP but not necessarily a medical emergency. IF the drop in centre doesn't have a scanning machine open at the weekend, and some don't, they can give you a referral letter to take with you to the local hospital to get a scan done which is quicker than waiting at A&E to see someone.

Ovarian cysts symptoms can and do mimic pregnancy including breast activity , and are more common with contraception than accidental pregnancies and it might be that rather than being pregnant, you are nursing a bit of an alien there, so a scan is certainly required to check for pregnancy and for cysts too.

The failure rate is very low with mirena. 1 in 1000 women who are sexually active while using mirena may fall pregnant. Whereas the risk for ovarian cysts is 3 time higher than not using any hormone contrceptives.

Mirena coil has 3 ways of contraception

It can stop ovulation - it thins the menstrual lining each month to the point where that stops periods which also makes the uterus lining more hostile to any accidentally fertilised egg from attaching, and it boosts the production of cervical mucus which forms a plug of the goop which holds the mirena in place and prevents sperm entering up the cervix.

Statistically speaking alone - this is more likely to be a cyst than a pregnancy - but you do need to be sure of that and must get it checked out.

My boobs became very tender and active right before cysts burst and others have reported a similar experience on this forum in the past. My advice for that is to keep a charged up cell phone with you at all times - just incase you need to call 999 if this is a cyst and it does burst. It can be absolute agony and certainly needs emergency pain relief and a trip to A&E. It is so painful that making your way to a phone is out of the question - hence having someone nearby that you can shout too for help -or use the cell phone.

You need to put your mind at ease as soon as you can by finding out what is causing this set of symptoms.

Understandably because you might possible be pregnant this is a very upsetting prospect, so I wouldn't wait to have a blood test later in the week, but do try and get to a drop in centre asap.

IF pregnant then you need to discuss your options with the doctors.

If this is a cyst then it may be a case of watching and waiting hoping it will calm down or pop by itself indue course, though if there is a great deal of bloating with the cyst - a surgery is certainly a possibility.

My angry cyst caused my tummy to bloat to pregnancy size with fluids, and pushed my belly button over to one side by a couple of inches...it did return to normal position after the cysts were removed.

There was a 6cm cyst on one ovary and a hidden and very quiet 8cm cyst in the POD. It was the smaller of the two that was causing all my symptoms.

I knew I wasn't pregnant - but anyone looking at me would have thought I was.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, and do try and get some answers today to put your mind at rest if nothing else. the sooner you know for sure then quicker you can make plans accordingly to deal with it.

Another more remote possibility is a pelvic infection, but I wouldn't expect both breasts to be active with a pelvicinfection - but cysts certainly can do that as they mess with the hormones like crazy.

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Thank you Ladies for your advice. I have had dermoid cysts before and have pcos too. I have managed too book in for a scan this morning at a private clinic. Its going to cost me £50 but peace of mind is more important to me right now. With my mum in hospital and my dad recently deceased I need to have some clarity of mind. They have said if they do see anything sinister on the scan they will forward everything on to my GP.

I have felt like this before with the mirena but not to this extent. I haven't had a period or any spotting for over 3 months. Something is definitely a miss. The weirdest part is my usual endo pains have eased up which my consultant said would happen if I fell pregnant. Ah well only one way to find out xx


How did the scan go Louise - any news either way?


The scan showed no baby and the Mirena still in place. Glad I had the scan as my mind is more at rest now. Just need to get to the bottom of my swollen tum and leaky boobs now. I think I may have another cyst on my right ovary. Only problem is its hidden by scar tissue and due to having a T-Cut C Section no consultant wants to go near me with a laparoscopy. Too risky allegedly.


I have swollen tummy, look about six months pregnant most of the time! And I have gone up three cup sizes in my bra! Doctor and consultant said I was overweight and these are not symptoms of endo or mirena. Needless to say I left both of those consultations in tears! I know my endo is severe....surely it's not a coincidence that I just happened to get fat now?!! It was a good decision for you to get a private scan. Im not sure the answers are got easily thru the nhs sometimes!


Hi Louise, just to reassure you the mirena coil can as a side effect cause breast discharge and swollen abdomen. Both are side effects. It is also supposed to stop periods so it's good you're not having any now. Some people make them worse but in most it stops them. The fact your pain eased is because you are no longer having periods which are a main factor in endo pain. The main thing mirena coil does is in most cases stops ovulation and periods so it helps with the endo pain and can stop endo getting worse as you are no longer bleeding so no worsening of endo


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