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Hi there looking for advise , I have been suffering from bad migraines I was in hospital last year with them I had scans and bloom took ect they couldn't figure out what was wrong , been taking different tables, eg migroleave , paracetamol , co codamal , but it just doesn't seem to be shifting , it's that sore a can hardly sleep at night although I dose of at times during the day and when I turn my head it's sore , just looking to see if there was anything else that would work at all? Thanks

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Hi. Sorry to hear u have been getting headaches. I suffer from bad headaches at certain times of the month due to my mirena coil. I take pain killers only when it's really bad. I was told if u take too many pain killers it can have a reverse effect and actually cause headaches!! On the co codamal I take it also states this and that they can be addictive.

I would try a few days of no pain killers and if they still carry on check with your gp

I hope u feel better soon



I use cold patches when my headaches are bad and drink lots of fluid x



I started suffering from migraines last June and take propanalol 3 times a day but had to stop taking microgynon which then caused endo (poss PCOS) flare....

Took many attempts to get medication right to control migraines but it's never ending trying to make the whole of me right lol!

Fingers crossed you get sorted quickly

Meech xx


Hi lisamariexx. I can totally sympathise with your migraines. I have suffered for years, cagey are miserable. The only thing I have ever found that works for me is sumatriptan !! Prescription only. As soon as I feel an attack coming on I take one. I hope this helps you & good luck, you are not alone. X


Cagey = THEY. predictive text !! Sorry.


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