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What do you do?

What do you ladies do when the pain is unbearable and the other symptoms are at its worst?

I'm in agony, I am swollen, I am soo tired but can't sleep because of the pain, I feel sick, I'm pale and looking like shit and having constant hot flushes. I am bleeding a lot and have been for around 10days.

I have sores all over my head (I get this with periods)

My back is so sore I cannot sit up straight at all. Just that sore way when you get ill with a bug.

My GP is no use and it would be pointless taking up an emergency appointment to be told to take some tramadol.

I have taken cocodimol and diclofemac which is all I feel comfortable taking because I have to be able to see to my kids if they need me.

Does rest help? Should I take tomorrow off work and rest?

Do I go to A&E? It is that pointless too

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I just had to call off on the 2 and 3rd because I am guessing I started my period (new to the hysterectomy thing, so I haven't figured out my cycles yet). On the 1st I managed to go to work, but the next two days I couldn't face it. Sad part is, I don't have enough sick time to cover 12 hrs. It has taken me 4 days to recover enough that I just hurt my normal hurt.

I can either do 6 (200 mg) of Ibuprofen every 4 hrs, which brings my pain down to about half. Or I can take Diuladid and be severely nauseated, throw up, and can't work because it makes me dizzy (and it's a narcotic). Nothing else I can take and many things don't work. If my pain is anything under a 5, ibuprofen won't touch the pain, so I suffer a lot.


I think you should go into a&e sounds a bit like my doctor as I can be in so much pain I have to try and manage on tramadol parcetamol and ibuprofen as have a 2 year old to run around after also ask your doctor if u can be refered to gynaecology or a&e might send u up as they did with me don't feel bad about making a fuss that what they are here for but no successful demand a secound opinion and push to get them to listen they will soon get fed up Hunni


There are unfortunately very few things that I find helps... And I take morphine for my pain... I was on tramadol before advancing to morphine.. And I do find that the longer you are on it, the more you are able to function. If it gets as bad as it is for you right now, going to emergency isn't a bad idea, as they can usually give you better drugs and allow you temporary relief. They also move up any testing etc you have coming up, or do it themselves when you are there.

That being said, have you tried acupuncture? Or do you have access to marijuana? (not sure what your laws are). Rest is helpful, if you can get drugs to let you sleep... I find a Castor oil pack to Also be helpful (soak an old towel of piece of a tshirt in Castor oil and place it on your lower stomach area, cover it In a plastic bag or saran wrap, then add a hot water bottle or am electric heating pad on top.

Try to Find a doctor who will listen and help. I find this to be more than half the battle

Remember that you aren't alone.


I took the day off work and my mum is watching my kids down stairs while I go to bed for a bit.

I am in too much pain to sleep. It is like I am being repeatably stabbed under my left hip bone. I have taken 2 cocodimol 30/500 every 4 hours and an hour ago I took tramadol and I feel the same pain. Just drowsy.

I don't know what to do. I don't have transport to go to A&E right now. My dr can't see me until the 13th July. and if I go to A&E would they help me? It's a long way to go for nothing 😭😭😭


They have a duty of care and have to get your pain under control, last time I was in so much pain I ended up being admitted for nearly a week, I had internal bleeding.

If you really can't take the pain don't think twice go to a&e!!

Hope you better soon

L xx


I'm just having this dilemma myself. I'm against using a&e for a none emergency. But having just come out of my doctor appointment after being told there's nothing he can do and if I am that bad I should make my way up to the hospital for a&e to send me up to gynaecology.

Don't know why it's so hard for medical professionals to understand endometriosis for the disease it is. I know there's not much that can be done apart from finding an effective painkiller. Hope you find some relief soon!


I am the same, a&e is for emergencies or broken Bones which they are able to treat. Endo is not something they will treat so what's the point.

Also if I go they will just talk to me like I am this pathetic moaning person with no real problems. Like all Drs do which I find so hard to deal with.

But then my other option is this! In bed, in pain letting everyone down again.

I keep telling myself to man up and get on with it but I physically can't today.

Maybe tomorrow will be better


I've been forced to promise that if I'm no better by the morning my boyfriend is allowed to take me to hospital. Promised more out of desperation and guilt than anything else really. I'm abit of a rubbish girlfriend/friend/woman at the minute.

Yep, they're usually no help at hospital. I've had 8 years of ignorant doctors. And every time it never fails to amaze me how belittling they are. Especially when you're feeling so run down and shitty, it's like they know you don't have the energy to fight them.

Always take back up if you can. Even if you get no where I find it always helps me to have someone with me.

And I can understand the feeling of letting people down. Just cancelled on my bestfriend for the fourth time in a row. Hopefully you've got people who understand. It's taken a while to make some of my friends realise I'm not crying over a little period pain.

If you ever need a chat, or a whinge then give me a message. Worst thing is feeling alone in this, especially when bedridden and don't see anyone for days!!


Aww bless you. I think we are in the exact same boat today. I have also decided to go to a&e tomorrow if i am still the same.

Let's hope things improve over night 😁

Get well soon! Xx


Hope your feeling better today


Hope your feeling better today.


Currently sat in hospital, put it off all day. Then at half 4 rang my doctors for an emergency and been sent to a&e. How are you doing?


I'm still really sore but I had no one to help with the kids today so I had to get up and keep them entertained. I did call the hospital to ask for answers about my lap I had in April and I have been refered to a new consultant which I should see soon. Major progress, so I am happy.

I hope they get your pain under control.

I have help tomorrow so if I am still this bad I will go to a&e


Been to my gp again this morning. Spoken to a more understanding doctor. Been given anti-inflamatries, stronger pain killers so just got to wait it out.

Hope all goes well with your new consultant. Did you end up in a&e? I'm slowly getting better. Thankfully!


No I made an emergency appointment today at the Dr and she has put my on gabapentin for the pain and gave me peppermint oil tablets for the bloating.

She is also going to email my new consultant to get me seen urgently and suggested an MRI as she doesn't think that my last consultant has investigated enough


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