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Endo constant pain relief??

Hi guys, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo 3 years ago, I've had a lap, I've had Zoladex, I'm now on my 3rd different POP pill, I've had Codine, Co-codamol, Tramadol, Amitriptyline for pain....none of these work, I am sick of going to the doctors......what pain relief works for you?? I'm in pain 24/7 it affects my life and moods so much.....I am so misserable......today I almost fainted due to the excruciating pain......please help

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Hi - where was endo found at the lap and what was done? Can you describe your symptoms.


Hiya I have had the same I have an amazing doctor and when my pain gets that bad all the time 24/7 I have another lap and he removes the endo xx


I started taking duloxetine in January and have had very little pain for 6 months! I am on 10 mgs a day (the lowest dose) and have had such great results. I was taking serious pain meds for 15 yrs and have had 2 laps. If your dr will give you a chance to do it, it has changed my life! Duloxetine is used for depression and for chronic pain so it could help with both the depression/hopelessness and the pain. I will say the first week I had a horrible headache but it only lasted a week and was completely worth it to get rid of the pain. Please feel free to msg me if you have other questions. Hugs and best wishes - Jenn


I've heard that anti-inflammatories are helpful. I've just been started on mefenamic acid as I'm on zapain (codeine/paracetamol) and it wasn't quite cutting it. At least with anti-inflammatories it will help with swelling etc...

Maybe chat to another Dr about them. Naproxen is a good one xx


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