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So just had gyn appointment and she said all symptoms definitely sound like endometriosis but unfortunately my weight to high for laparoscopy at present so having an appointment sent out to get marina coil fitted then bk in 6 months and they want my went n bmi down before they do laparoscopy easier said than done so feel a little ashamed and also down anyone any advice on how to get my weight down quickly apart from a miracle can't stop crying 😢

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  • Don't be down on yourself. Try some gentle workouts on a treadmill or even an exercise bike. (I did a lot of running on them, but since my problems I haven't been able too :() also maybe try a low cal diet, but don't go to mad, but trying a low cal diet alongside some exercise will definitely help you as my friend has done really well on Slimmingworld and lost a stone quite quickly. If you stick with and do the exercises you'll be fine. But remember to eat properly as going without meals during the day will not lose you any weight, in fact it encourages weight gain.

    I hope you'll be ok & good luck!

    Kelly :)

  • Thank u am at slimming world at the moment lost 11 lb but I've got alot too loose I feel real down and embarrassed with it I really do

  • But that's really good! just keep it up it's all you can do and the weight will drop off. Try some mild exercise as it kinda helps with the depression a bit too :) Let me know how you get on

  • Thank you

  • Well done on the 11lb. Try not to beat yourself up you're taking all the right steps to lose weight and it is obviously working for you to have lost 11lb so far.

    I don't know much about Slimming World but I have read quite a bit lately that says sugars are a key factor in not losing weight and they are in lots of surprising things - I checked the label on my fave pasta sauce and it has sugar added so now I make my own with a tin of tomatoes and a bunch of spices.

    Also are you exercising to help speed up your metabolism. I find swimming helps my pain levels a lot and, unlike more vigorous exercise, it doesn't aggravate symptoms. Walking is great as well.

    Good luck!

  • Hi I do same with pasta now make my own, I am bleeding alot so not bn able do the swimming I do walk a fair amount everyday as I don't drive so no other option. Thank you

  • Good luck friend

  • There are recommendations for a diet that might help endo but the other benefit is that it would help you lose weight. Broadly speaking it recommends eliminating the following: gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar. Some women with endo go vegetarian too but it didn't suit me. I don't eat red meat though. I found the new eating strategy easy to do because I just wanted to try to improve my endo situation. I just associated 'bad' foods with pain any time I thought of eating them. If you can make that association it will be much easier to stick to a healthy diet. More info here Plenty of other good info on this site.

    Google endo diet and also do a search top right for more info. Other good sites are and

    Try not to be too hard on yourself. Endo is driven by high oestrogen and this can cause you to put on weight. Oestrogen also gets stored in your fat tissues so it makes sense to reduce your weight to try to reduce oestrogen as this will be contributing to your endo.

    You can do it. Good luck. x

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