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Does this sound like endometriosis? Doc won't budge

Hi there,

Do these symptoms sound familiar? I wanted to run it by some 'sufferers' before I insist my reluctant doctor sends me for investigation:

- burning pelvic pain, in my groin pretty much, that is there almost all the time, worst after my period

- lower back ache

- excruciating migraines around the time of my period

- nausea

I am on the pill and ages 34.

Thanks for any help

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Have you tried changing pill to rule that out?

Pain in my groin and lower back ache have been two of my worst symptoms. I would push your GP to refer you, which usually starts with an ultrasound scan

Hope you get somewhere



Thanks for commenting. Really - is it like a burning pain where your leg meets your stomach (kind of gland area)?

No re pill as I've been on it for years, worth a thought.



I would try to talk to Lindle, who often posts on here. You can look up her posts. I think it would help to talk through the anatomy of where the pains are, and what they are like, in a bit more detail.

However, I don't think your GP should be ignoring this degree of pain: you should be at least offered an ultrasound scan. Can you see someone else in the practice?

Hope this helps a little and you get something sorted,

Take care,



Endometriosis should not be ruled out. These symptoms are often present with endo. Your migraines are most likely the result of hormonal imbalance. Look into magnesium for migraines. The pill might be causing the migraines too and it might be time for a change or stop taking it and see what happens.

The other thing that might be causing your groin pain is an iguinal hernia. They are more common in men and difficult to diagnose in women.

What was the outcome from your GP visit? He/She has to diagnose you. I'm not sure what tests can be done but maybe you need your lymph nodes checked?


Thank you all! I am due to see the doctor again next week. She basically said it was likely to be muscle pain in back and standard gynae pains for groin. I am seeing someone else next week.

I will look up Lindle.

I'm sat here at work with the pain now - it is like a period pain, but more of a burning, it is constant, pretty much down the side of your underwear type area (of you think of the front like a triangle). My back is agony today.

Thank you x


Also - is your groin pain worse directly after your period?


Hi lotty, I'm no doctor so please don't take my word for it but burning pain could be an ovarian cyst as I had one, so I would really push your doctor for referral to gynaecologist for a scan, if you are really really concerned then go to a&e they may do one for you then. Good luck hun and don't let your symptoms get overlooked. Xx


Hi ladies. I have a secured an ultrasound scan - any pointers for that please, ie to guide the radiologist / if results come back negative etc.

Thanks so much


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