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Told to lose weight to have a laparoscopy?

Hi, I had a miscarriage when I was 26 which was 12 weeks and since then a further 4 early miscarriages. I haven't been able to get pregnant at all despite trying for 4 years. I have had endometriosis for 9 years. I was finally diagnosed after 6 years and had 2 laparoscopy surgeries. The first one nothing was done and the second I had diathermy which got rid of all endo. I was pain free for 2 years, but I have the pain back.

I saw my gynae today who decided that the best course of action was to refer me to a fertility consultant instead of another laparoscopy. I told them my concern was that this would leave me with the pain and there was no guarantee anyway. She said that they would not do another laparoscopy until I lose weight.

Has anyone else been told to lose weight for a laparoscopy?

I feel absolutely distraught that I'm now stuck with this pain and I think the fertility consultant will just tell me to lose weight anyway.

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Hi, are you being seen by a endo specialist,??

If no you can ask to be referred,

I have heard of people who have been asked to lose weight, I think some of it is due to anaesthetic. But don't quote me on that,

Good luck xxx


Thankyou. I am just seeing the same consultant who did my last lap. I am at the doctors today so will ask about that.


I was told to lose weight to I cant do it with the pain 24/7 so I feel like I'm stuck in pain goin to see a dietitian now so hopefully I will maybe you could ask to see one see your gp.


Thanks for your reply. I feel like I am in the same boat. I have tried everything to lose weight without success. I can't exercise very much because it makes the pain worse. I hope the dietitian can help you. I will ask the doctor about being referred to one too.


Hi - being overweight is a health risk for surgery mainly due to venous thrombosis but in the case of endo it can make the surgery more complex since excess weight is usually concentrated in that area and so can increase surgical risk. They will simply be wishing to minimise risk and will be advising according to their guidelines. But for someone with endo BMI is so important as fat tissue makes extra oestrogen that feeds it and can make it much worse. This all has a knock on effect on fertility. It is acknowledged that the best possible preparation for trying to conceive is having all your endo excised beforehand by a skilled surgeon as endo tissue itself communicates with your endocrine system to imbalance your hormones. I know it is so hard as you will feel exhausted but try and tell yourself that actually a lot of that is due to being overweight so you have to break the vicious circle somehow. The best exercise at first is just walking for perhaps half an hour a day whilst eating healthily with lots of fruit and veg and cutting out all saturated fats and using poly and mono fats instead, but only in moderation as they contain the same calories. I really do know how hard it is because you find yourself comfort eating when you are in such pain and feel so tired. I managed to lose 3 stones and it was hell at first but after a couple of months I was aware that I had broken through a fatigue barrier and turned a corner. You need to try and give yourself a focus and keep telling yourself what will be at the end of it.


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