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Zoladex, Lap & 6 month window. (Fertility)

Hey everyone.

I'm due my last Zoladex injection in a couple of weeks, my six months has come to an end. I'm due my fourth lap beginning of September. I have stage 4 endo and my left tube is damaged with a cyst on it. But my ovaries are fine. On my last lap they did the dye test and no dye came out of the left tube but the right was absolutely fine. The surgeons said they don't see why after the next operation we wouldn't be able to conceive with that one tube . :) so they are removing the left tube and the cyst and freeing up some adhesions next time. :) so happy!! back to my point, does anyone have any information about the six month after window to conceive? How long does it take to start your periods again after coming off Zoladex, we are hoping that a few months so it sits in well with the the next op in September and when recovered start trying ASAP..please any advice or stories. I keep reading this six months after the op would be our best chance :) thankyou x

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Hi - there really is no way of predicting it unfortunately but it won't affect your lap. That is the most important issue regarding your fertility. Excision of all your endo is vital for chances of conceiving as endo tissue communicates with your endocrine system to disrupt your hormone imbalance in a way that adversely affects fertility. So is your next surgery being done by an endo specialist in a centre as is recommended? Click on my name and have a look at my posts. When your periods do return to normal there are things you can do to maximise your chances. x


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