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Hot flushes?

Hey guys,

I have been experiencing really bad hot flushes all this week, I do usually have them when I'm on my period when my pain is bad... But I'm not due on and am not in loads of pain, has my endrometrosis got anything to do with that fact I'm am having them?

I am only 2 weeks post op, I had a laporotomy to remove a large cyst which couldn't be done by keyhole due to cyst being too big, so it was an open surgery, they tried to remove a lot of my endo, and de-attached it from all my organs, could I be having them because I'm recovering from surgery?

I'm not sure but its really annoying!

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Hi hun

I also experience these around the time of my period. I know it sounds odd but my partner can literally feel when my periods going to start as I feel much warmer than I usually do, I'm always on the cold side as I have a under active thyroid and I feel the cold really bad and typically feel cool to touch especially hands and feet.

I was getting flushes after my laparoscopy and I worked it out to be because of painkillers I'm not sure what they have given you as pain relief but they certainly made me flush.

The only other thing to be aware of is infection is there any chance you have a infection I had one about a week after my laparoscopy and I was literally sweating which I never do and I had a high temperature.

I hope this helps

Jo xx


Hi, I get these. It's like my internal body temperature just goes up and up and I have to strip! It's really horrid and you get this overwhelming feeling of either wanting to faint, poo or throw up (sorry!) It's like you lose control of your bodily functions and just want to collapse in a heap. Ghastly. I too used to just get these when my period was due (usually 3 days before) but of late have been getting them ad hoc. This is terrifying as I can't tell when they're coming.

I've taken Mefenamic Acid for years and years and I don't think it's related to them as these flushes come when I haven't taken them. I seem to be taking more and more painkillers as preventative measures of late more out of concern than actual pain.

I think the flushes are somehow related to Ovarian Cyst growth. I have three 'simple' cysts currently, not the Endo chocolate variety. I think they really mess with your hormones no matter what variety they are so not sure what can be done. Diet has a lot to do with it. I've read that avoiding refined Sugars could help (I get chronic sugar cravings at times) as I think some foods irritate your body more than others?

Not sure that helps really, sorry. Feel your pain!


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