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Hello all. I am awaiting a Laparoscoy to treat my Endometriosis but I'm having real bad pain worse than ever lately.. Back aches every day, I'm cos ably getting urine infections really bad.

I have really painful sex etc...

I take Ibuprofen.. Paracetamol... Co-codamol Etc... But nothing is working for me atall :-( can anyone recommend any other pain killers??


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Hi I've been told to stay clear of ibuprofen as it can cause bleeding....I take Co codamol or codeine if you go to your go they can prescribe you some stroger stuff xx


Thank you Hun... Didn't know that about ibuprofen!! Xx


I now take dydracodiene it is stronger than cocodamol and metabilises differently to cocodamol and if horrendous I also take naproxen with is a 500ml dose of anti inflammatory but with this one I take omeprazole to protect my stomach first. Xx

Good luck Sharon


I hope you tried all the drugs above on different ocassions and not for the same episode of pain.

I take Diclofenac,your Gp can write you a prescription.A hot water bottle works some as well...Hang in there sweetie,it is what it is.x.


Some foods also help with day to day pain. I have prescription medicines for my pain, but going on a gluten free diet really helps. It's a lot to worry about but also just doing some gluten free foods might help


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