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Just need to talk

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum so let me introduce myself quickly.

I'm 28 and I have been suffering with my ovaries for as long as I can remember. I had painful, irregular periods from the start (when I was 11) and I have been on pretty much every sort of contraception you can imagine to make me feel "better". I also had cysts on both ovaries but never had surgery to remove them.

I am currently on Noriday and I am experiencing bad pain in my lower left groin. The doctor thought it was an hernia (but no hernia was found there), then I had a ct scan and a flexible sigmoidoscopy that didn't show anything. The pain is still there and getting worse.

My mum had some adhesion some while back so I told my gp and that's just then that she told me about endometriosis and that my pain could come from that as I also have other symptoms that matches (pain during sex, bleeding between periods, etc).

She reffered me to see a gynaecologist but not a specialist in endometriosis.

I know I'm just at the beggining of my journey but I am already lost.

How long will I have to wait to see someone that could actually help me? I'm worried and I can't stand waking up in pain every day.

I hope that you could share with me your experience.

Thanks in advance


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Hey Snad, welcome to the forum!

Im really sorry to hear your going through such a shit time, but its good that a GP has finally referred you!! I went from going to the doctors around September time, to having my Lap the following June - with several gynae consultations and ultrasounds etc in between that time!

Its really important to make a diary of all your symptoms, as this will allow you to give the gynae the important info, such as when your pain starts, if you have pain going to the toilet, sex issues, discharge...all the things that may seem as though they arent important, well they are! So ensure you write everything down - i actually took a proper diary in to my appointment, and went through the last year of my periods (they were so irregular it didnt really take much time to explain).

As for your pain, are you able to go back to your GP and get some better painkillers whilst your waiting? Its great that they've referred you, but they cant just leave you in pain!

I hope your feeling better soon, and let me know if you have any other questions or just want a rant/to talk!

Emma xxx


Hi Emma,

Thank you so much for your message.

I just find a bit useless to first see a gynaecologist that won't have a clue and probably refer me to someone else. But I suppose I have to go for that first...

I like your idea of a diary and I will start that now.

I hope that since you had your lap you feel better...


I only saw one gynaecologist, he was just normal NHS, and i don't believe he was a specialist in Endo, although never actually looked him up! I honestly found my treatment to be absolutely fine, but then i don't know what else i was supposed to get, maybe a follow up appointment after my lap wouldve been nice, but other than that it was all good!

Pain diary really is a god send though!!

Honestly, no not feeling great after my lap, although it did help for a few months! Some women do really well with having a lap, but others don't!

Emma Xx


That's reassuring. I can't wait to have my appointment and tell the gyneacologist everything and hopefully get the help I need.

I will keep you updated and definitely write everything in my diary.

I am sorry to hear that the lap didn't help you that much...

I am thinking of going to support group, that will be good to share with other women.

Thanks again for your help


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