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Ladies, has anyone heard of the Wurn technique for treatment of endometriosis?

Ok so alot of researching today , I came across a website called clear passage, they are based in America but have recently based a physiotherapist here in the UK in Kent. It is non surgical clearpassage.com/what-we-tr... this is their website, now all looks well and good however it is private and has an average cost of £4000 (n) but has anyone ever heard of it and how effective it actually is? They state after therapy 50 % pain reduction for ovulation, 61% menstrual and 80% intercourse. Any thoughts? X

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I've had a quick look and it gives a lot of info on adhesions and outcomes but I couldn't find much info on what they actually do to treat you? I may be looking in the wrong place?


I was having a look as I thought the same , it's basically certain stretch techniques and massage , physio etc , but they don't give away any specific details. That's why I was wondering if anyone ever used this as treatment and what's so special compared to say regular physio for the pelvic area ect and an un biased opinion as to how good it is (or not) :) x


Hi - yes I came across it about a year ago but at that stage they said they didn't have anyone in the uk and had not got round to looking again. It's interesting to know there is someone now though the price is a bit tricky for me! I was interested because when I had some osteo done on my pelvic region for another ailment I had real relief from the endo for six months or more. My osteo didn't really know what she'd done but obv she 'shifted' something and that's when I started searching online and came across clear passage. Id be interested what sample group their success rates are based on and how robustly tested but emotionally I feel it could make a difference but whether that's more than any other physical therapist I don't know. Certainly when I emailed them last year they were very responsive and suggested I call the US office even though thy didn't have someone in the UK yet.


Well I thought that 4 thousand was a bit steep for 20hrs of therapy, however if they are as good as they say I would look at possibly financing it , however I haven't seen any figures of how many women with endo they have treated and how many were successful and obviously I would like any unbiased opinions , it's something for the future possibly for me not yet but an option perhaps x


This is the craziest thing I have ever seen. 4K could pay for good excision surgery privately. Excision surgery is where they cut out the endo (using laser or other tools, to cut out NOT burn the endo ) and Excision is the Gold standard and only treatment that works for endometriosis. Massage could actually make things worse for most of us, irritate adhesions and cause further pain and inflammation.

As for the cost, for 20 hrs - they are praying on the desperate and uneducated - they need to be reported.


Hi, I agree with yellowrose, 4K is extortionate and they should be reported.

Somebody recently suggested the Bowen technique to me which costs£50 for an hour session. Don't really know how effective it is to be honest but it is pretty effective at reducing pain for a host of other conditions so I'm willing to give it a try but there is no way I would fork out £4000.


I've just recently heard really good things about the bowen technique too. Friend is having it for back shoulder and tummy issues, and its working on her, but she only had mild tummy issues tbh, but doubt it would work much for severe endo but might help your back etc. But certainly better than this so called Wern technique, aka extortion technique, as you rightly said xx


Thanks ladies, for your replies , i had my Endo cut out not lasered , and I'm hoping for the best, still in pain as of yet but giving more time, I have been looking at this from every possible angle, as im only 20 , and the chances of the endo coming back and affecting me for the rest of my life is terrifying, i don't want to be having laps every few years like I have seen with some, and I Definately don't want a hysterectomy for atleast 15-20 years- which may not even get rid of it if I needed one in future, and who knows how my endo could affect me in that time, so I'd love to know about any different kinds of treatment at all that are avalible especially for future reference, and I agree that 4000 is way off the mark , and that's why I wanted to know what was 'so good' about it or different to normal physio or massage ect I just definatley don't want to suffer forever x


Hi Dollar1414 - sorry I didn't see your reply. When was your excision surgery? It is just great that you had it cut out, that really is the best and it most likely WILL NOT grow back following excision.

It only grows back after incomplete surgery, such as burning the tip rather than cutting out the root of the endo.

This is why there is such a huge perception that there is no cure, when actually, excision is pretty near to a cure. The only thing it's not great at is resolving ovarian endometriosis, and cystectomy is needed for that - rather than only draining the cysts.

I'd give it at least 3 months to allow your insides to heal, and make a judgement after that.

I'd still be suspicious of the Wurn thing, and think you could spend better money on nice reflexology and lovely hot lava stone massages.

Also focus on a pretty balanced diet. Don't stress about the future, it sounds like you've had good treatment - so there is every possibility you won't need more surgery and you will gradually get better.

My best tip i can give really, is walk alot, and drink water and eat walnuts (full of magnesium which is good for pain and nerves).. Walking regularly seems to have strange therapeutic effect on me. i did it all through my IVF, as well as homemade walnut milk - and I really think its why it worked for me - 1st time. Am now 13 weeks pregnant which I never thought Id be at stage 4 endo, with recurring ovarian endometriomas, and grant old age of 39. I have every hope for yo and agree its worth fighting this disease from all angles, because its exacty my approach too xx


Hello Necia

Thank you for posting details of your treatment at clear passage - it was really helpful. I'm not sure how long ago you had the therapy but wondered whether you could add to your report by giving an update on the longer term impact/outcomes.

I'm researching for someone who has adhesions following radiotherapy.

I hope you are well and enjoying life and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again



Thankyou very much , I hope it doesn't come back nh ad surgery just over one and a half months ago now, I was just researching very possible a liable treatment as kind of an action plan for the future if it does come back , I will also give your tips a try ! And also congratulations that's wonderful news , I'm glad to hear about success stories it's a great hope x


September, 2016 - I went through the 20 hours of Wurm Technique therapy about a month ago (August, 2016) for chronic pelvic pain. I don't have endo. Adhesions and muscle tension seem to be the inciting factors in my case. The jury is still out on the results for me. There is some improvement, but it also may be too soon to declare success or failure. An acute incident a year ago (pelvic exam) ramped up the pain to a very high level where it has remained - only slightly impacted by other therapies - so it may take a little longer for significant improvement to develop. I had hoped for better results by now, but it is also reasonable to accept that it may be too soon to assess the final outcome.

My main purpose here is to describe the Clear Passage/Wurm Technique treatment. It is not massage in the sense one usually uses that term. It is very, very deep manipulation of tissues. It is not comfortable but also not impossibly painful. My therapist was adamant that I not let the pain go over 7 (on a 1-10) scale. When it did, she immediately altered what she was doing to get the pain back below the threshold she had set. Measured range of motion and similar objective observations showed positive changes from Monday to Friday of the treatment week. Some patients report marked improvement by the end of their week of therapy, but that was not my experience.

Given the intensive nature of the therapy and that mine was 99% abdominal, by the end of the 20 hours over 5 days (4 hours per day: 2 hours, break, 2 more) I felt much like I'd had surgery. The soreness dissipated within a week or so and did not prevent me from being able to implement the follow-up program that is important to the success of the therapy. The Home Program is not difficult or physically demanding and doesn't take an excessive amount of time to complete. The patient does need to do some of the exercises every day, 2-3 times per day. It is mainly the interruptive nature of that, not the exercises themselves, that requires some adjustment.

I'm not a candidate for surgery, but I would try this first, as abdominal surgery has a very high percentage of creating additional adhesions. Part of my treatment targeted adhesions from two surgeries that were necessary about 30 years ago. The surgical scar from those incidents is definitely less bound than before the treatment.

Clear Passage/Wurm Technique is very costly, and it was not covered by my insurance. In my case, I had assistance outside my own resources that made it possible to pursue the therapy. My decision was also impacted by the fact that there are almost no other options left to treat my symptoms.

I hope all of you find lasting help from this therapy or another that decreases your pain and improves your lives!


hi. Wanted to know how your follow up has been? Have your adhesions gone? Are you uk based?


Sorry that message for Necia


Hi Necia,

I am wondering how is your abdominal adhesion pain after almost one year treatment of Wurn Therapy.

I have developed scar tissues after an abdominal surgery last year. I went to the hospital last week with severe abdominal pain that feels like labour pain due to abdominal obstruction. The doctors put NG Tube into the oesophagus through the nasal passage. They keep me in the hospital for 4 days just on liquids and since my conditions get better i didn't need to go through another surgery. Thank you Allah!

Now I am on fluids and scared that it might happen again. I am looking for alternative treatments and came across Wurn Treatment/ CPT. Please let me know how was your experience with that and how are you feeling now.



Necia - hi - how are things going with you? Have you seen any improvements after the wurn treatment? I was looking at this approach today. I have suspected endometriosis, but haven't had laparoscopy because of phobias and also reading that unless done perfectly there is the risk of spreading the disease, and also, scar tissue giving rise to adhesions.

However, endo can cause adhesions anyway. So I'm at the point of trying to see whether possible adhesions could be causing my intestinal problems and SIBO / IBS.

As lizchapman asked, was this in the uk or us? I know they have clinics based in London and Kent now.

For info, the clear passage website now has a testimonial from someone with Endo which reads very positively. But who knows - it's a big chunk to spend at £200 an hour.

Dollar1414 - did you decide to try it?


No I never tried in the end and I’m still no further on pain wise either x


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