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No better after treatment

Hi ladies, I'm struggling here, had a laparoscopy, D&C & hysteroscopy & polypectomy 6 weeks ago, found only small amount of old endo on uterine ligaments, however they put coil in for treatment. Since then nothing has changed, i've had pretty much constant bleeding or spotting, 2 periods which were heavy & constant cramp & pelvic pain. Also fatigued & slight depression. All this I had before but now it's worse. anyone else felt no change or worse? My endo sounded mild so why am I in pain & feeling this way?!

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Because it doesn't matter the size of endo in coloration of the pain it produces. Some women have stage 4 endo and never know it, other women have stage 1 and it's the worst pain of their entire lives. I have stage 3 and the pain I have feels like it should be a stage 1 million. It's just like some women only hurt near their periods, and some of us (me included) hurt daily. And this is regardless of what stage. It also depends on where it's located inside. It could be near nerves which make it way more painful I would think. Scar tissue really adds to the pain as well.

Sorry I can't help with the coil, I have never had one. I have heard many women complain about them adding to the pain though.

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I suspect how you feel is due to coil. I got one put in nearly 5 months ago and it was hell for the first 4 months. Periods seem worse post op as u are still healing inside. Try to persevere as its still early days as I expect gyn would say same but get it out if its truly that unmanageable. Good luck x


The constant bleeding/spotting will most likely be exacerbated (if you already suffered with constant spotting) or caused by (if you didn't) the coil. I read a study where the norm was for bleeding/spotting to happen for some months whilst it settled. In the minority it stopped their periods completely. In my case I bled for weeks after excision lap & coil insertion, then about 4.5 months after I noticed the spotting slowing, and now (nearly 6 months in) I have barely any spotting. My periods are much lighter.

I'm still struggling with symptoms tho. I don't think the coil is a quick fix for all after laparoscopy. I also noticed I am experiencing depression and anxiety which are awful during PMS and period time... I think the Mirena is causing it. I came off the pill 10 years ago for the same reason, but this time I'm trying to stick it out as we have so few options I feel I have to try.


Thank you for your responses, its Comforting be able to get advice & hear of similar stories, tried talking to friends/family but I get the feeling they think I'm being a moan. Working with mostly guys doesn't help either! Looks like something I'll need to get used to & hide when I'm struggling! The coil has definatly exasperated symptoms, but will give it time & hope it helps.


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