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uncomfortable to sleep

Hi to all you lovely ladies,

Hope you are all well tonight, I have 2 questions so will appologise in advance.

First question is do any of you ladies find it uncomfortable to sleep sometimes? that no matter which way you lay its like there is pressure and its really uncomfortable?

Second question is.....after prolonged unusual bleeding my doctor has prescribed me with Norethisterone and well it is making me feel not my usual self, I am emotional feel like i want to cry alot, my face keeps breaking out...honestly i feel like i am 15 again and personally you couldn't beg me enough to be a teenager again, have anyone who has had this medication had similar experiences?

Hoping all you lovely ladies have a really enjoyable weekend x

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I felt like this before my lap. The main issue for me was pressure on my bladder which kept me awake. Since my lap I have slept really well x


Hi - click on my name and look at my posts to see what symptoms you identify with. You don't say what the situation is with your endo. When you lie down your internal organs lie differently and you could have adhesions pulling. Be sure to read the post on how to access an endo specialist. x


Hi Lindle,

I will have a look, I currently have stage 4 endo, and lucky to have a consultant that has been very open and honest with me. I am seeing him again on 6th August just not sure if I can go that long with not sleeping great

hope you are well x


If your consultant is a general obstetrician do be aware that stage 4 endo should be dealt with in a specialist centre as you are likely to have it behind your uterus that involves complex excision. As endo is an immune system condition with underlying hormone imbalance you can react in an adverse way to any medication you are given. Your symptoms are hormonal so will be a reaction to progesterone. Acne is a typical symptom.


To your first question - yes, I struggle with this. I have such pain in my lower back and hip, and my pelvis feels so uncomfortable it feels as if I am sleeping on a plank of wood or some rocks. My bed is not old and has a dunlopillo top, and I even put an expensive topper on it,but to no avail.

I shall discuss it with my consultant when I see him as I had a lap in November and thought this would resolve it. I find Naproxen helps, as does Badger Balm muscle rub (to a point), warm baths before bed and a TENS machine... But they are more coping strategies than solutions.

Re: your second question. Is the med hormonal? If so then I think your reaction makes sense. You could perhaps try Transexamic Acid instead (which is not hormone based). It helps to slow/reduce bleeding so it might not totally stop it.


Hi Mabes,

Yes that is how am feeling when I sleep, I do get woken up with it also which is not great for my own energy levels. I have thought about a tens machine but not sure if it will be beneficial for me.

Yes i think it is a hormonal med, I am only on this for a short period of time hoping it does what its supposed to do, as I have the contraceptive implant in my arm also.

thank you for your response and hope you are well tonight x


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