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Leg Pain and Lack Of Sleep!!!!

It is 12.38am.......and I am up for the FIFTH night running with horrendous leg and feet pain!

Ever since I had my first laparoscopy I have been getting growing pain type pains in my thighs and feet. I have no idea whether this is related to Endo or not......I had quite a few nerve tests to see if it was a problem with the nerves, but all the tests came back fine and so no one seems to know what it is about!

My gynae consultant says it is nothing to do with Endo, but my physio says he thinks it was how they may have positioned me when I was lying on the table through surgery?!?!?!?

I have heard of other ladies with endo having the same problem as myself and would love to know how you cope with it! It seems to come on mainly at night time and so far the only thing that seems to work is heat!

So, I am off to wake up the whole house by having a boiling hot bath (if i have to deal with endo then my boyfriend can jolly well deal with the lack of sleep due to it as well!!!!) and hopefully I will get some sleep soon!!!!!


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I have been suffering the same since june op..although pain hasnt reached my feet..im having physio but with no effect.physio lady seems to think its scar tissue trapping my nerve endings..or pudendal nerve damage. I am being referred back to docs for a MRI scan.Have you tried amitrptyline is really good for this type of pain,and will help you sleep.

I do hope you get some relief soon xx


Yes I tried physio too, for four months with no success, I hope it works better for you! I was on amitrptyline for a while, but it did not help my legs, I am now on noritrptyline (i am sure i have spelt that wrong!) and it has made them worse unfortunately!

Let me know if you find out anything else about why they hurt!




I suffer with alot of pain in my thighs. Am convinced it is endo related as my recent course of decapeptyl has seen a drop in how much pain i feel there.

I find heat to ease the pain too.

I think that the pain of endometriosis can cause referred pain to our legs.

Just wish the doctors would do something about it!




I also suffer leg pain and cant sleep at night with it , The only thing that helps is a hot water bottle , and diclofenac seems to help xxx


before my had me lap, i suffered with my left leg going dead like feeling achy more than pain, then after my lap in Feb i now have the problem of the whole of my left side arm, hand, leg, feet this all goes dead very long achey feeling similar to pins and needles i think very fuzzy feeling, aswell as suffering with pins n needles in both feet but again my doc says she doesnt see how this relates to my endo.

it is very frustrating


I mentioned the pain in my thighs and lower back to my consultant and he said it was caused by Endo as the nerves to the uterus run from those areas.


I get weird leg pain in the tops of my legs, and sometimes they feel a bit numb and quite shaky. Can't stand still for long which is very hard for me in my job as a singer. I almost fell off the platform on Sunday night - no joke. It's like a dragging ache. Is this similar to what you have experienced?


I can relate totally with what you're all saying. I also get bad pain in my thighs, top of my legs and lower back and have put up with it for ages now. I think I might force my doctor to listen to me this time! It's been happening for years now and I thought it was a completely separate thing but maybe not!


hi i also started getting leg pain with periods but worse since lap also i get them in my feet when going for a number 2 i have endo on my bowl also and adinmyosis i hag laser surgery done in feb bleed for 5 months after now on northistrone to stop bleeding completely till end of jan 2012 then i will be having surgery again

also i have ibs docs cant explaine feet pain but they are sending me for a colonoscopy to check also


Hey i get awful pains in my thighs, that some days i cant walk and other days i need to use a crutch for support! I tell my doctor but he never listens so i still have no idea what it is! Just something else to add to all the pain we have to go trhough!! Take care xxx


I get leg pain too - have done for a number of years but certainly post-laparoscopy. Pain in the tops of my legs, hips, & down to my knees. I also get pain when passing urine and moving my bowels and the last time I complained the doc said I might have 'irritable uterine syndrome' similar to bowel, but I wonder if it's connected to the two cysts they've just found. @Helensoprano, I'm a soprano too and a music teacher and being self-employed with no sick pay, I really resent having to cancel things at the last minute because I can't get out of bed for a few days each month! So annoying. Interestingly, after my op my teacher said I have more dynamic expression than before - amazing how much the uterus supports the voice!


hi all, i am sorry for your leg pain but happy i am not going mad.! my legs(mostly thighs) ache feels a bit like cramp gets worse when driving not helpful as i'm a cabbie! then when i stand, walk go all weak like no strength in them. at night they feel like they are moving all by themselves a very weird sensation.


Hi all,

I was recently diagnosed with Endo (September this year) and have had 2 laps. My operation went well and they treated my Endo even though I still feel the same amount of pain on my right side pelvic area.

My second lap was done 11th Oct and am still experiencing the original pain I went to see the doctor about, my legs and back ache but I seem to have adopted a new symptom - my right inner thigh is constantly hurting/aching (the best way to describe it is like there are a few bags of sugar hanging from around the right pelvic to the thigh area) really unpleasant :( I have read that some of you have had these symptoms also?

Any help/support would be greatly appreciated as i seem to be falling apart at the moment.


Toral x


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