Periods lasting a week?


I got diagnosed recently with Endometriosis and adenomysis I'm awaiting my first lot of surgery. However I've been having my current period for 7 days and it's showing no signs of stopping. Is this normal? I'm so bloody tired all the time and my back is killing me. I've lost all my appetite just want to eat cake and chocolate.

Is this normal?

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  • Hi,

    I think what's 'normal' is different for everyone. When I'm not on a pill or anything the to control my periods mine can last 10 days sometimes a few more. On the pill I'm still around 7 before I completley stop.

    I'm the oposite when it comes to my appetite though, all I want to do at that time of the month is eat and eat and eat, ha ha. Mainly junk that's not good for me, probably because I'm sat feeling sorry for myself, but if I binge on the things I want it just makes me feel worse, it's a vicious cycle, ha ha.

    Have you had a change in medication to make them last longer or is it just longer out of the blue?

    I'm not sure this post has helped much upon reading it back but sometimes it's just nice to know your not the only one suffering with long annoying periods :)

  • Thank you for replying. Nothing has changed medication wise. I've only had 5 periods since having the implant out and since then I've been hospitalised and diagnosed with Endometriosis and adenomysis. I'm currently waiting for my surgery appointment. It's all kind of new to me. So I wasn't sure if long periods were part and parcel of endometriosis or adenomysis! I suppose this is something else I'm just going to have to get used to on top of everything else. Thanks again xx

  • I've been wondering the same thing recently. Having come off the pill after my last surgery I have had four periods, each lasting 8 to 9 days. I get the added bonus of spotting for about three days before the actual period starts and then having a bleed of about 4 days in the middle of my cycle which means in 28 days I spend about 16 days bleeding in some form or another. It really brings me down - I also seem to put on about 5lb when I'm on my period which disappears when it stops - all alien to me, as I've been on the pill back to back for the last 6 years. But my husband and I are desperatley trying for a baby....hard when I'm bleeding so much though. The cherry on the cake though is the fact that my actual periods are so heavy, tampons are useless as they fall straight out from how heavy it is (sorry for Tmi) and I have to change a pad every 20 minutes or so for the first 5 days.

    I'm curious about the length of other girls periods, and also the weight thing, it's almost half a stone I put on 😡 tracksuit bottoms all the way other than when I'm at work and have to squeeze myself into work attire.

  • Hi, yes I'm afraid both endo and adeno can cause erratic, heavy and elongated periods.

    Might be worth seeing your GP and having your iron level checked as as heavy blood loss during periods can cause anaemia.

    You could also consider tranexamic and/or mefenamic acid to help reduce the bleeding and help relieve any uterine cramping whilst waiting for surgery. Although be mindful not to be on these too long as they can cause stomach ulcers and acid reflux long term.

    Best wishes, x

  • This is exactly how I felt. I felt so ill before my lap that I thought there may be something else wrong, as well as the endo. Before my lap I bled all month. Since my lap I have felt brilliant. My lap was three weeks ago and I am on Prostap now for four months. Hope yours goes really well too x

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