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Birmingham Endo Centre?

Has anyone had any experience with this specialist centre who could give me any idea on wait times? I bit the bullet and asked to be referred for a second opinion. Main reason for this was I found out the gynae at my local hospital has discharged me and rather than asking colo-rectal to be present when they do a lap to look for adhesions he has instead asked to be called if they find any gynaecological pathology. I told my GP that this was not good enough and she agreed. I know I go back to the bottom of the list and it is a pain to get to but I figure I will probably get to a solution more swiftly this way overall.

Credit to Lindle for all the info she has put up here about specialist centres and how to ask for referrals. I would never have known I could do this without her.

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Power to you girl! To anyone with experience of the centre it would be best to private message you in case the posts get removed. x


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