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Endo pain driving me mad ... Could I be depressed?

Hi ladies, new to this. Feels sooooooooo great reading your stories can relate to so many and finally feels like somebody feels my pain literally lol :)

I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 4 years ago in 2011, following a hysteroscopy for removal of polys. The following year (2012) had a laparoscopy for removal of endometriosis, in April 2013 had a 2nd lap for removal of Endometriosis and within 6 months was in crazy pain again :'( March 2015 just had a 3rd lap for removal of endometriosis now 9 weeks post op I am in agony again.

I feel people don't understand my pain they think I'm a very weak person and my pain threshold is low and I'm just exaggerating "normal" period pains. I hate asking for time off work as I don't want to be seen taking the mick, although my boss has been so supportive and she has really helped me through my low times and encourages me to get all the help I need with my treatments. I don't feel family support me as much and as a result hate spending time with people around me especially during this time. Feel Stressed, confused and in so much pain and that it would be best to be out on my own, but family think I couldn't do it alone :(

I am due to see my GP soon about the pain as it's becoming unbearable and a gynaecologist for a follow up. Does anyone else feel Like people don't understand the pain we go through? Does anyone else feel best to be left alone than people around them? I will be discussing that I feel too down or depressed as my family feel I've changed and may be going crazy/depressed or feeling sorry for myself As they think the pain may mostly be in my head as in made up!

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Yes I think no unless you have the endo does understand, just shows how nieve there are, I like to talk about it sometimes but yes I do like to be on my own to, just remember you're not alone xx


Totally understand Hun, I feel I want to be alone a lot and when I don't get left alone I want to hide somewhere, it's ridiculous though as one of the things I hate is how this disease makes you feel so alone!

It's just our hormones, they're out of control ;)


Hi - I am so sorry you have been put through 3 laps to get nowhere. You will almost certainly have been seen by a general obstetrician who simply won't have the experience to recognise endo in all possible locations an appearances. There have been endo centres set up since 2010 to prevent women like you being constantly under-treated and you should have been referred straight to one of those when your first lap had no effect.

First of all we need to know more about where you had endo (supposedly) and what was done. Can you get copies of all the operative reports that will have been sent to your GP. There will be a very small charge for this.

Click on my username and read my posts on endo and its many symptoms and the one on pouch of douglas endo to see what you identify with. Can you then describe your symptoms. We will look at the next step when you have the reports. x


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